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The U.S.A.F. Cadet Chapel

Designer: Chris Cormier
Degree: Master of Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2012
Location of Project: U.S.A.F. Academy Cadet Chapel
Project Status: Unbuilt

Completed for the d3 competition Unbuilt Visions, UN-BUILDING A VISION is the ritual disassembly and reconfiguration of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill's U.S.A.F. Academy Cadet Chapel. Following the successful completion of the "War on God" the U.S.A.F. Academy shifts the focus of its Cadet Chapel to the celebration and contemplation of the ultimate higher power of science and technology, citing: Already hugely successful at grooming the future leaders of military and industry, the chapel will process cadets as raw material, to be molded and shaped with the technical efficiency of the most cutting edge factory line processes. Upon entering the facility, the material is subjected to a barrage of visual, auditory and social conditioning mechanisms that ensure complete and total compliance with current mandates.