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Interns on the Roof

Designer: Natalie Petricca
Degree: N/A
School: None. (Summer Internship at Stantec Ltd.)
Year: 2012
Location of Project: Wellington Street and Spadina Street, Toronto
Project Status: Unbuilt

Over the course of a Summer Internship at Stantec Ltd., I was given the task of designing a rooftop lounge space along with the other summer student. We were to complete a feasibility study of the space and to develop a schematic design and costing analysis. We met with various consultants and engineers, prepared report, a design and a cost analysis. At the end of our term we presented our findings to the office.

Because The Globe and Mail is on the process of designing a new 18 story tower for their new head office adjacent to the existing site, we decided to design this rooftop space as an oasis within the city, so that when one is sitting, they are enclosed by nature.