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Part of Catalogue 22, Catalogue 22 on Google Maps

View from the Hudson Bay

Designer: Chris Cormier
Degree: Bachelor of Environmental Design
School: University of Manitoba
Year: 2010-11
Location of Project: Churchhill, Manitoba
Project Status: Unbuilt

Following a 10 day trip to Churchill Manitoba, the C.N.S.C. Field Station is designed to provide a hub for interaction between local experts and the burgeoning Eco-Tourism industry. There is currently no direct interaction between the two groups; tourists pay a premium to visit Churchill and experience its natural wonders while those with true local knowledge are only employed as shuttle bus operators and hotel service staff. The “cut”, the act of cutting and a focus on haptic knowledge were the driving forces behind the design which culminates in a building that incorporates many of the unique and sometimes overlooked relics from Churchill’s past.

Please Note: This project was in no way authorized, sponsored by, or endorsed in any way by the Churchill Northern Studies Center.