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Carleton Gardens

Designer: Jaclyn Squizzato and Amir Charmchi
Degree: M. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2013
Location of Project: Carleton University, Ottawa
Project Status: Unbuilt

Carleton Gardens strives to educate, integrate and accommodate food back into the Ottawa community. Our goal is simply to display to process of planting, growing, harvesting, and preparing food to increase food literacy. We offer year-round educational classes where hands on learning is encouraged, and knowledgeable staff provide demonstrations on starting a garden, composting, harvesting, bucket gardening and more! We also currently offer a café, market, greenhouse, and educational centres to display natural process of food and re-build a modern sitopia. In partnership with “Just Food”, “Food Secure Canada”, the “Canadian Alliance for Community Service Learning” and the “Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement” - Carleton Gardens strives to address the issues surrounding modern food insecurity which affect nearly 4 million Canadians, who turn to food banks, shelters and other temporary alternatives to meet their immediate needs.