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Light Design

Designer: Stephen Wolba
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2012
Location of Project: Carleton University, Ottawa
Project Status: Built

This light design and installation looks at the disconnect between visual and auditory perception. An installed light showed traces of condensation on the surface of the glass, with projections of a ripple effect on the floor and walls that surrounded it. To accompany this, a dripping sound (a sound effect) was being played that the viewer was unable to locate. The disconnect existed between the apparent dripping of the light due to the condensation and ripple projection created, and the inability to see or find the dripping water. The tap of the sink in the washroom (location of this installation) was lit to show that no water was leaking from it, with the sink remaining dry. Viewers’ curiosity was peaked to find a drip, as they were unable to make a connection between what they were seeing and what they were hearing.