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Pavilion For Conversation

Designer: Jaclyn Squizzato and Natalie Petricca
Degree: M. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2012
Location of Project: Carleton University, Ottawa
Project Status: Built

The “Pavilion for Conversation” sought to engage the Carleton School of Architecture in both architectural conversation and private reflection, through memory. Architectural memory was incorporated in the exhibition through the inclusion of found doors which were re-appropriated, and routered to enable written confessions to be inserted into their frame. These confessions enabled students, faculty and staff from the B. Architecture and M. Architecture programs, to offer their best at worst memories of Carleton Architecture to a public forum. For the Final Presentation the doors were arranged into a hexagonal confessional space, and featured in a live presentation where the Director of the M. Architecture program took public confessions and critiques Carleton School of Architecture.

Due to the projects success “The Confessional” is now a permanent feature in the Azreli M. Architecture Building.