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Part of Catalogue 22, Catalogue 22 on Google Maps


Designer: Keogh & Fyfe-Loose
Degree: M. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2013
Location of Project: Carleton University Art Gallery
Project Status: Unbuilt

Intention to house a series of photographic portraits that will signal the revolving relationship between viewer, photographer and subject. Allowing for the possibility to play each role as the body moves through space.

To be sensitive to the manifold possibilities and desires for viewing art. Allowing for a continuum of visceral reactions, provoking intimacy, connection, reflection and a sense of being situated.

To present moments through light, reflection and shadow that will remind the body that its presence is necessary for the exhibit to impress upon it and the awareness of the bodies of others in the shared or proximate spaces are then implicated in the exhibit itself.