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Culinary Institute
Culinary Institute

Designer: Megan Beange
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2010
Location of Project: Catherine Street and Bank Street
Project Status: Unbuilt

The Culinary Institute project involved the design of a new building for the Cordon Bleu. The site was located at the corner of Catherine and Bank in Ottawa. At this site (across from a gas station and directly alongside the Queensway highway) an existing parking lot sat beside an office building of approximately 8 storeys. The fabric of the city beyond Catherine consisted of a maximum height of 3 storeys. The design incorporated the re-use of large refrigerated shipping containers that had themselves traveled around the world. Like the Cordon Bleu, the containers had seen many continents, traveling a long way. The containers also spoke to the proximity of the major highway that backed the site. The containers were arranged with the logic of using both the space on the interior of a container as well as the surface of it’s top. All spaces not housed by a container was enveloped by a glazed steel frame creating a secondary language of exposure vs enclosure. Plans include spaces for multiple kitchens, student study areas, rentable event space, administration offices and flexible public spaces.