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Cultural Media + Arts Center

Designer: Vanessa Haddock & Cassandra Kotva
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2012
Location of Project: Elgin Street, between Slater Street and Albert, Ottawa
Project Status: Unbuilt

Our objective is to create an interactive “media hub” in the heart of downtown Ottawa. The location is ideal, situated on Elgin Street, between Slater and Albert. It sits across from city hall and the National Arts Centre (NAC), as well as, down the road from Parliament Hill and the Byward Market; it is culturally centered. The prime location of this site will drive much of the programmatic elements. The Cultural, Media and Arts Center will be a place to be informed and a place to express, a space that belongs to the citizens of Ottawa. One where they can perform formally, or informally, become informed about current affairs, or simply meet for lunch. No such space exists in the city. Much of the design gestures made throughout the building were done so to engage it with the surrounding topography. In some cases these variations were embraced; such as, continuing the slope from Confederation Park into our building by sloping the entire lower level floor. In other instances the topography is contrasted, as demonstrated with the upward slope of the exterior lounge that opposes the downward slope of Elgin Street. This theme is carried throughout the building by sloping elements that either divide or join programs.