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Dinner in the Park

Designer: Megan Beange
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2009
Location of Project: Rideau River at Carleton University
Project Status: Built

The Dinner in the Park Project involved the design of an outdoor pavilion where a small group of guests (approximately 10) could enjoy a meal or a night of celebration. This project was intended to have students designing projects that both met a budget and standards of comfort and innovation. Everything had to be considered right down to the fasteners. Our project was intended to mimic the shadowy inner environment of a coccoon. The ligth fi xtures were gauze creations meant to hang from the boughs of trees above and create the impression of light casting eggs. The furniture also spoke of wrappings and larvae (leaf stuffed bags sown together to become a bean bag chair). The hand drawing depicts the use of one of the three swaths of cloth used in the creation of the walls of the pavilion.