Catalogue 22/San Gimigiano Tower - S. Wolba

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Part of Catalogue 22, Catalogue 22 on Google Maps

San Gimignano Tower

Designer: Stephen Wolba
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2009
Location of Project: San Gimignano, Italy
Project Status: Unbuilt

Inspired by the vineyards that surround the small Italian town of San Gimignano, this experiential observation tower draws the viewer in through a small clearing in its “vines” and directs them up the tower. During their ascent, they are given slight glimpses to the exterior, before reaching the middle observation decks where they can observe the city as a whole from above. As they finally reach the top, their experience flourishes as they are gracefully presented with the top observation deck. Here they receive an unobstructed view of both the city and the surrounding vineyards, and are able to observe how the two weave together and intertwine.