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Lecture 02: Historical development and assessment skills

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This is the second lecture for the Motivation and emotion unit of study.



This lecture:

  1. Discusses the historical context and development of psychological motivation and emotion knowledge.
  2. Explains the assessment, including how to:
    1. use Wikiversity for the topic development and book chapter assessment exercises and
    2. develop a multimedia recording
    3. complete the quizzes
    4. access additional support for completing the assessment exercises



  1. Why are we doing the assessment this way? A vision of students today (Youtube)

This video introduces motivation:

  1. The Power of Motivation: Crash Course Psychology #17 (CrashCourse, Youtube) (Watch until 6:04; total 11:19 mins)

These videos explain the basic concept of a wiki and the purpose of the Wikipedia project:

  1. Wikis in plain English (Commoncraft) (3:53 mins)
  2. Wikipedia - An investment for your future; your children's future (4:10 mins)

Example multimedia presentation:

  1. Artistic creation motivation: What motivates artists to create art?, 2016 (3:06 mins)


  1. Chapter 02: Motivation in historical perspective (Reeve, 2018)
  2. Assessment
    1. Book chapter
    2. Multimedia
    3. Quizzes
  3. How to use Wikiversity


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