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Wiki Campus Radio is...

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Wiki Campus Radio is a learning project to build a Web radio stylized webcasting service for Wikiversity community projects. It is a way to increase participation in Wikiversity while strengthening its community and extending its reach... more

Wiki Campus Radio is Free as in speech and Free as in Beer.


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The userbase is always to be counted on for supplying requirements and specifications for hardware and software, creating audio content of all kinds and establishing how the WCR platform is built, operated and maintained.


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User subgroups

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All members of the userbase can select roles for themselves. See and edit the guidelines to discover where you might fit in or make a place for yourself if one has not yet been suggested.

User subgroups:

You can require and specify what you want Wiki Campus Radio to be and do.

Anyone can be a part of the making of Wiki Campus Radio!

Learning Materials

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For information on early test material see Early sessions


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While the Graphical User Interface (GUI) has served MediaWiki users well for all these years, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Internet Audio, Speech Synthesis, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and other once-futuristic notions have Netizens wondering, "What's Next?". Wiki Campus Radio may|might|shall|should|will|would|can|could provide the long-awated Sonic User Interface (SUI). The key is realtime control of user interfaces that deal with sound and speech.

Holiday Specials

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Planned sessions

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The proposed Session: namespace may help put the io in WikioAudio Input/Output:

Ideas for sessions and shows:

Collaborative learning

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Portals Engineering Music Media Sound Software Journalism add a portal
Courses Internet Audio Network Administration MediaWiki Linux FreeBSD Server administration add a course
Lessons Getting started with sound recording Introduction to GarageBand Podcasting Let's write a song Conducting interviews add a lesson Curriculum

Learning groups

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Wiki Campus Radio is a major project crossing several areas of study:


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Whole Wheat Radio is an up-and-running "wikified" web radio station based in Alaska, USA with an international listenership. Their website uses an extensively modified version of MediaWiki and they have very tight real time communication which offers direct experience with online facilitation. Please check 'em out! yeoman 16:04, 5 July 2009 (UTC)


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Active categories:

  1. Category:Audio engineering
  2. Category:Journalism
  3. Category:Learning projects
  4. Category:Webcasting
  5. Category:Wikiversity culture
  6. Category:Wikiversity School of Media Studies
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