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Creating mediawiki learning resources with dynamic content:
The Wikiversity:SkyCam Project.

The image below is part of an experiment on the inclusion of near real-time data within a wiki learning resource. It is from an automated camera on the roof of Ladd Observatory. New revisions of the image are uploaded by Mu301Bot every 24 hours. Depending on the local weather you might see clouds or stars. The information in the caption gives the timestamp of the current revision of the image. Visit this page again tomorrow to see a new version. Scientific data or images like this could be dynamically included in a variety of learning materials about subjects such as astronomy or meteorology.

A recent image of the sky above Providence from Ladd Observatory. A new image dynamically appears here each day. The timestamp below shows when the current version of the image was taken.
Last image filename: 00002975.FIT
Exposure started: 2019-10-18T07:43:01.659 UTC
Exposure time: 10 seconds

Ladd Observatory with cherry trees in blossom

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I am the Curator of the historic Ladd Observatory and a Visiting Scholar at Brown University. My research focus is late 19th and early 20th century history of science and technology.

Visit my Learning blog and join in on the conversation. I also have a personal blog called Fornax Chimiæ and I contribute to the Ladd Observatory blog.

Presenting GLAM and Wikipedian in Residence at the Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia edit-a-thon at Brown.[1]

I'm a bureaucrat at en-wikiversity; {{ping|Mu301}} if you need assistance or help with anything here.

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