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HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a predominant markup language for web pages. It is a structured way of telling web browsers how a web page should be displayed. HTML is a static language, which means that it cannot process (or change its content based on) user input.


Basic HTML has no prerequisites in any formal education. HTML is text-based computer-coding that can be made and run by children that understand the alphabet and symbols (Age: 6+). It requires no specialist computer knowledge at its basic level. Further insight (as delivered in these lessons) requires at least a moderately educated individual or supervisor.

  • Example: A children's lesson
[Tags for XML which include] HTML merely use diamond symbols: <> one uncut diamond, and then closed with </> a cut diamond.

The basic set of HTML words are put in the diamonds.

<title> and then closed </title>
<body> but this is another section for the page.</body>
To finish the child merely creates a filename with the dot html extension. Then, the child can click the icon on the desktop for go! The dot html file is associated with a browser.
  • Changing the use of filenames, extensions, and file associations may be necessary in untested machines - learn this if necessary.


  1. To write HTML, you need to use an editor:
  2. To view rendered HTML, you need a web browser (such as the one you are using to view this page). But it's a good idea to view your HTML documents in multiple browsers, because each browser has different rules to displays HTML documents. Jsbelk 12:26, 23 September 2011 (UTC)

Course Outline[edit]

  • HTML Editing
    • WYSIWYG vs. Manual Coding
    • Content vs. Presentation
  • W3C Standards



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