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Meta tags are HTML tags that helps you get better rankings with a search engine. They also describe the web page for future web developers. There are five different meta tags, but two most commonly used by search engines are described.

This tag looks like <meta name="keywords" content="words"/>, where words is the search term(s) you would like to have for your web page (eg you have a web page that talks about how to care for dogs, you then put the command <meta name="keywords" content="how to care for your dog, caring for your pet dog, dog care, taking care of your dog"> for your meta tag). Pretty simple, huh?

The other meta tag I will discuss is similar. It looks like this: <meta name="description" content="yourContent"/>, where your content is a extended description of your web page.

Both of these meta tags are just the beginning: there are three other meta tags. However, if you plan to put meta tags in your web page, these two are necessities.

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