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Current Interests[edit]

My current interest is in Photography, I plan to learn as much as I can on Wikiversity and try to complete some of the photography courses.

Everything on this page is a bit outdated, I'll clean it up soon.

I'm keen to work on my composition and complete this course Photographic_Composition

I have started collecting images to complete this course, view my Photography Course Work

If your keen to assess my progress so far than check out my website Epic Photos, my old blog and my new blog. My new blog has my latest photos that are pulled from facebook.

I bought a Nikon D90 around late November 2009, and currenty have 4 lenses, 18-55 f3.5, 55-200 f4.5, prime 50mm f1.8 and wide angle 11-16 f2.8.

  • I'm not interested in using or learning to use any proprietary software packages.

I'm also interested in contributing to the Bloom_clock_project, hopefully I will have a gps unit soon

Latest Video[edit]

Knowledge Levels[edit]


  • 3 = Professional learning content provider / teachers
  • 2 = Knowledgeable "hobbyist" with knowledge and skills to provide learning content or to teach the subject
  • 1 = Apprentice with interest to contribute and learn more on this subject area
  • 0 = No or very little prior knowledge, skills or interest on the subject (default)

  • Software Freedom - 2
  • Copyright - 2
  • Learning Freedom - 2
  • Education - 1.5
  • Information Technology - 2
  • Gastronomy - 1.5

For instant chat join the Wikiversity-en channel on irc.

I have a background working in public education and lot of experience using a large range of free libre software. I've been using GNU/Linux exclusively since around 2000 and I currently run Debian based systems on all my computers, Laptop, Desktop and Netbook.

You can browse the Learning resources I've developed.

Learn the difference between open source and Free Software.

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