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Yeoman is User:CQ. I use yeoman as a *nix-compliant user name.

Sandbox Server[edit]

yeoman at the Sandbox server. OK. Coming up: Sonic user interface for WCR...

Who is yeoman[edit]

To me a yeoman is a manager of a small farm or ship. My dream is to be a system administrator for a server farm or flagship site that helps to consolidate resources for under-resourced but deserving participants. See Wiki Campus Radio and Across the Wikiverse

This yeoman is also a Bioneer and spends a lot of time at WiserEarth.

Songwriting 101[edit]

/me plays some blues

Now we move forward to songwriting.
I have in my head and heart a schema for a listing of
Rhyming words for songwriters.

You can learn about Basic Blues & Rock styling here.