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Learning resources[edit | edit source]

Of particular interest for this learning resource: "TOPIC: IoT Standards and Interoperability. IoT should be made to be easy to use, help reduce energy use, and aim for “universal interoperability”. Accomplishing this requires infrastructure in network architecture, and in technology standards of diverse types. SPEAKER:Bruce Nordman – Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, LBNL." INET- Internet of Things Conference

Design considerations[edit | edit source]

As the Internet of Things evolves, internet audio will become much more integrated into the total experience of internet users. The network layers for data and streaming content are still being worked out by standards organizations and manufacturers. Many devices already include built-in audio capabilities, but much work is a head for making the operable and interoperable. The w:voice user interface will emerge at some point to either replace or augment the Graphical User Interface.

See also[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]