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What is Internet Radio?

Internet Radio lets you listen to the radio via the Internet. Dedicated device or computer software radios pick up stations and on-demand content which are streamed on the Internet via a broadband connection.

Internet radio can easily be broadcasted globally, with the exception of per basis blocks to certain regions or countries. The number of available Internet radio stations is always rising but at the last count there are over 10,000 stations you can listen to, meaning access to up-to-date news and music from all over the world. And, since lots of stations store their back catalog of shows, you can even listen on-demand if you miss something you love.

Ways to listen to internet radio[edit | edit source]

Open-source computer programs[edit | edit source]

Shell-fm is a text based internet radio player, that subscribes to Last-fm.

Box devices[edit | edit source]

Roku - can be hooked to a sound system The Intempo GX was a good example of an internet radio and has been hailed as one of the easiest Internet Radios to use.

Internet streamers[edit | edit source]

Tune-in has select local radio stations and popular podcasts. Last-fm is owned by cbs, and it contains a music stream of by most artists based on user choices. Yahoo music MOG - paid service but plays the users' choice of music

Red Bull Radio

Broadcasting[edit | edit source]

Open-source[edit | edit source]

Using open source computer programs may facilitate the easiest way to create and broadcast an internet radio station.

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