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July 2009 e
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Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:Historybuff: edit · history · watch · refresh

Here is my prioritized todo list:


"New" stuff, or should I say current (as of Oct/2018):

Look into Big Data and DevOps. Check out Category:Computing. And, in the next few weeks, look at Fake news in Canada

Oh, and look into Education, eek. Yeah, and Raspberry_Pi too. And don't forget about Wikiversity:Vision

Clean up that dreadful Talk page ... and get a bit organized (like archive Talk and maybe some TODOs)

Interesting - Cancore and Norm Friesen's connection to it.

Create a TODO list. :) (Or create a few, or a few dozen. Getting down to one is hard. :))

I used to have a weekly TO DO list. I'm not sure if that will be in the plans.

Maybe a resource on Time Management would be good.

Old stuff (circa 2015):

I'm looking to get started and get some stuff done; and then I'll start organizing. So, more TODOs to come. First, let's get some content generated.

Older stuff:

Looks like I'm top posting here again. Doesn't life suck. :P

Ok, after another extended break, I'm starting to prioritize a bit. One priority for me is to explore more learning/teaching things, and since my journey was inspired here, I'm back to push that forward. I guess I'll start editing and cleaning up this page relatively soon. The amusing thing is the last bit I wrote seems to be in 2010. Before today, I had a few edits in January of this year. Wow, time really does fly sometimes.

Something to check out -- My edits

Wow, how quickly time flies.

We're 6 months more into 2010, and I apparently had a large wikibreak. Unfortunately, I don't feel well rested. Ugh.

On tap now -- the Sandbox server looks to rise again. Someone has suggested Moodle, and I'd love to run some WCR sessions. A bit of Asterisk with a side of fun, perhaps?

Happy New Year 2010! :)

Back, and looking into e-learning. Isn't that what Wikiversity is supposed to be? Ok, so there is Moodle, which I've flirted with all too briefly. I'm going to look back at that, as well as:

Note, these are NOT endorsements or spam links, just a place to keep a few things I want to check out together. I don't have any idea on licences or fees or whatnot, or how good any of them are. If I get this organized enough, maybe I'll post some reviews.

I'm not going to revive targets of things quite yet -- I'm still quite busy IRL but I do intend to do more WV related stuff as time goes by.

  • Upgrade MW, or write an article about interwiki??

What was I thinking? Where did I go? :)

Okay, been far too busy for far too long. I'm not even going to update this list for a bit. I'm here to soak in for a little bit.

Not updating yet, but still doing some work. Ever increasing amounts, until when I can actually realistically re-order and tackle some of this.

More comments... what year was this "week ending"?? Wow, have I really been absent long enough that my todo list rolled all the way around to another year? Ugh.

Anyways, have a lot of project ideas now, and finally getting some time to do them. Yay me! :)

Check out this educational tool:

To be completed in the week ending this Sat, Sep 20:

To be completed in the week ending this Sat, Sep 27:

To be completed in the future:

  • Figure out how "½" got into my todo page, and how to do something like that when I mean to. :)

Currently on hold (reason):

Needs Scheduling:

Course Related[edit]

Policy and Admin Related[edit]

  • Recruit more wikiversitians
  • Talk about streams, and how streams fit together (course of study)
  • discuss the accredation issue

Tech related[edit]

General Stuff[edit]

Done (should go into an archive)