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Surface of the Earth, 2 minute bathymetry/topography selection is sized at 45 degrees by 45 degrees. Credit: NCEI (formerly NGDC).

North west African continental shelves is a lecture from the school of geology.

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Quiz[edit | edit source]


1 Sea level during the last glaciation is likely at or above the yellow contour?

2 Yes or No, There are major seamounts between Madeira and Iberia.


3 The Canary Island Seamount Province forms a scattered hotspot track on the Atlantic ocean?

4 Shallow mantle upwelling beneath the Atlantic Ocean basin off the NW African continental lithosphere flanks produced recurrent melting anomalies and seamounts from the Late Jurassic to?

5 Complete the text:

Match up the province with the image:
Senegambian continental shelves - A
Iberian margins - B
West Iberia - C
Southwest Iberia - D
Moroccan shelf - E
Azores microplate - F






6 A currently submerged mountain range and associated islands directly in front of the Pillars of Hercules has which characteristics?

an extension of the north Moroccan shelf
inside the Mediterranean
south east of Iberia
probably Atlantis
deeper Mediterranean sea to the east
at or above sea level during the last ice age

7 True or False, The sedimentary processes along the Mauritanian shelf are driven by long-term factors such as Quaternary glacial–interglacial periods and shelf morphology.


8 What are some characteristics of the Canary Island seamount province?

133 Ma to 0.2 Ma in the central archipelago
shallow mantle upwelling
a scattered hotspot track
comprises more than 100 seamounts
142 Ma to 91 Ma in the southwest
on the Pacific ocean floor

9 True or False, Some 140 pyramids have been imaged and observed by archeologists in the Madalena area of Pico Island, Azores.


10 True or False, The Madalena pyramidal structures, known by the locals as “maroiços,” are analogous to similar protohistoric structures found in Sicily, North Africa and the Canary islands.


Hypotheses[edit | edit source]

  1. The pre-Holocene history of the Earth is found on and in its continental shelves.

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