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Welcome to the School of History!
A complete listing of history-related projects may be found at the History Portal.

A school is a large organizational structure which can contain various departments and divisions. These should be listed in the "departments and divisions" section. The school page itself should not contain many learning resources. It may contain some projects for developing learning resources, and it may also contain recommendations for specific programs of study. Most learning resources are linked to from specialized portals in the "Topic:" namespace. The School of History is for coordinating the activities of Wikiversity participants who edit the History-related pages of Wikiversity.

Divisions and Departments[edit | edit source]

General learning project:

General Divisions and Departments:

Integrated Divisions and Departments:

Specific topics and Mini Divisions:

Creating New Divisions and Departments[edit | edit source]

Divisions and Departments of the School exist on pages in "topic" namespace. Start the name of departments with the "Topic:" prefix; departments reside in the Topic: namespace. Departments and divisions link to learning materials and learning projects. Divisions can link subdivisions or to departments. For more information on schools, divisions and departments look at the Naming Conventions.

How can I get involved?[edit | edit source]

December 22, 2015
Topic:Sri Lankan history has started
June 20, 2011
United States History will begin
June 20, 2011
Human Legacy Course will begin
Aug 24, 2010
Reorganization underway.
Jun 16, 2010
History of the Ottoman Empire Course has started.
May 15, 2010
Military History Department founded.

As a learner[edit | edit source]

Are you new to Wikiversity or the School of History? You have come across an important resource in the development of interactive Open Educational Resources. You are welcome here as a student browsing for resources to use in your studies. You may like to to sign up for a specific course. Either way you can use this area of cyberspace to keep notes while you study - but remember, they are open for other people to read! (You can create pages linked to your user page by adding "/subspacename" after your username when starting a new page). Please also use the discussion pages to give feed back about courses whether you like them or were disappointed. We also encourage more active involvement. You can help in the development of courses, adding to the bibliography, putting in links to wikipedia (use "w:" at the beginning of the box), correcting typos etc. If you are a newcomer, please see this quick tour to help you familiarise yourself with wikiversity.

As a teacher/facilitator[edit | edit source]

We also encourage teachers to use wikiversity as a place to develop and share their teaching materials. For more general information, please look here. In order for people to find your material in the School of History, please follow these Categorization guidelines.

As a researcher[edit | edit source]

In addition to Wikiversity's learning mission in various educational sectors, Wikiversity also hosts research. Please see Portal:Research for more information.

As part of a Learning Community[edit | edit source]

We also function as a learning community, sharing general maintenance tasks, discussing problems that arise and developing collaborative projects We keep a special page of things that need to be done for people who just want to jump in!

Have any questions? Leave them on the School's talk page, or contact EarlGrey with your question.

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Active Classes[edit | edit source]


The following users are active participants of one or more History courses:

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Inactive[edit | edit source]

No current courses

Planned Courses[edit | edit source]

Finished Development:

Courses in development:

Shelved Resources[edit | edit source]

These resources may be revitalised:

Requested Courses/Projects[edit | edit source]

These are topics that have been requested and are considered high priority for the School. Please start or expand these projects if you are familiar with the topic area!

Resources[edit | edit source]

Things you can do![edit | edit source]

  • Clean up Draft:Astrohistory and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
  • Clean up Draft:Colonial India and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
  • Clean up Draft:Dates and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
  • Clean up Draft:History and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
  • Clean up Draft:Libyan history and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
  • Clean up Draft:Middle Ages and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.

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