Science, Sexuality and Colonialism: A History

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This is a wikipage for a class on the History of Science, Sexuality and Colonialism at Free School Denver (Denver, CO, US). We will be using this as an educational resource for our class that meets in real life, but anyone is welcome to contribute. We are still in the beginning stages now but there should be more on here soon. For more about Free School Denver check out

The First class met on 7/15/2010

Below are the names of the reading assignments from the first class. Please enter your responses:

Kuhn Structure of Scientific Revolutions-- Ch 1

Keen Black Legend Revisited

Somerville Scientific Racism and the Homosexual Body

Stepan Race and Gender, the Role of Analogy in Science

Cañizares-Esguerra Iberian Science

Stoler Making Empire Respectable

The Second Class will meet on 7/29/2010: