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A school is a large organizational structure which can contain various departments and divisions. The departments and divisions should be listed in the departments and divisions section. The school should not contain any learning resources. The school can contain projects for developing learning resources.

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The following topics and learning resources are incorporated within several of the departments below as core curriculum and are common to all types of physics degrees. A topic page is a starting point for choosing between many different existing learning resources in the Wikiversity on that topic. When only one learning resource, for example, a specific course, lecture or lesson, is available on a topic, that specific resource is listed here. Additional topics, relevant to particular degree types, are specified in individual departments named below. For more information please review the Bachelor of Science in Physics requirements.

The topics are grouped by level of difficulty, and each one roughly corresponds to an academic year at degree level. Normally you should not study a subject at a higher level until you have completed, or are at least familiar, with the previous level.

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Three-dimensional visualization of space-time distortion. The presence of matter changes the geometry of spacetime, this (curved) geometry being interpreted as gravity.

The departments of physics and astronomy can be found under Wikiversity resources in the Physics resources or Astronomy resources templates in Topics.

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A Superconductor demonstrating the Meissner Effect.

As with all Wikiversity disciplines the courses here are supported by the texts at Wikibooks specifically of interest are the books on the Physics bookshelf. The books below are representative of what is available.

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