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ABOUT ME[edit]

Deviation of my interests[edit]

I am basically a student and have passed the intermediate as pre-medical student. Four years back I wrote my first ever poetry in Urdu language and now I have some collection Of English and Urdu poetry.One year back the ghost to read and study English literature had stuck with me. So I did that.I also wrote few stories in English language .Very often write articles on any topic ,under my Observations as hobby. I was just going to write a novel but my scientific and somehow fantasy abhoring Mind dominated my this plan and now I’m not going to do this chore.My observations helped me to Decide that this poetry and fantasy related works have never played much role in history making ,so What’s the use of wasting my time here and I should put my efforts in some other field.I have Just started disliking this stuff.

Subjects of interest[edit]

Well, the subjects I like are; Biology;the sweet knowledge of life.Physics;basically energy and matter Relationship lies in its realm.Chemistry; the hideand seek of elements, compounds etc.and obviously The English literature ,you can say.I have a great quest for knowledge.I love to communicate With teachers as they are knowledable persons, scholars and intellectual personnel . I have entered in the kingdom of wikiversity to gather some knowledge and also to Give the knowledge that God has blesssed me with.

Any question?[edit]

Any one visiting my page and want to get knowledge on any subject particularly concerning my Field of interest can put their questions on my page.I’ll feel pleasure to answer them ,whenever I visit wikiversity.

The project wikiversity[edit]

The project like wikiversity deserves to be appreciated in true sense

Teasing student , probably![edit]

I think I am a sort of teasing student but my teachers have told me that my discussion about Any topic is quite enjoyable and informative but clumsy sometimes.I think discussion is Important to get knowledge ,well, it’s my point of view.But I hope here the guys will Be very helpful.

What for me to do here??[edit]

Well ,I really don’t know what to do here,yes,can provide Information,can give answers,and can get the answers to My questions,but what really is for me to do,according to My interests,anyone?


“If you feel your life like desert ,just plunge into the realm of knowledge,then U will find your life as the king of a beautiful and consoling oasis”.(Aquistivebud) Aquistive bud 18:38, 14 October 2007 (UTC)