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Here is what north-western Europe looked like in 18,000 BC, at the end of an ice age which had lasted 70,000 years. Credit: Jean Deruelle.

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Quiz[edit | edit source]


1 Sea level during the last glaciation is likely at or above the light green or light blue contour?

2 Yes or No, There is a vast continental shelf that surrounds England, Scotland, and Ireland.


3 Warm North Atlantic waters did not reach the north-east Atlantic and western Scotland until about 13 ka BP, when conditions changed from high arctic to boreal possibly in less than?

4 The return of warm North Atlantic Drift waters to the Scottish seas occurred within a few decades just prior to 10,100 BP (Peacock and Harkness, 1990). At first sea temperatures were 2 to 3° lower than those of the present day, but a warming occurred at about?

5 Complete the text:

Match up the province with the image:
Doggerland - A
North Sea - B
Helgoland - C
Roskilde area - D
Stevns Klint - E
Northwest edge - F






6 Northern North Sea has which characteristics?

Shackleton Formation
Early Quaternary glaciations
regional glaciation Menapian/Bavelian
probably Atlantis
Jaramillo Subchron
Mariner Formation

7 True or False, Evidence occurs in the Troll region of the Norwegian Channel for the ‘Fedje Glaciation’, which postdates the 1.19 Ma Cobb Mountain Event within the Matuyama Reversed Polarity Chron.


8 What are some characteristics of the Central North Sea?

record of the Eemian (Ipswichian)
the Coal Pit Formation
the Saalian glaciation
the Moray Firth
the Norwegian Channel
the Karmoy Glaciation

9 True or False, Micromorphological studies of sediments from several boreholes in the central North Sea also suggest regional glaciation at that time involving coalescing Scottish and Scandinavian ice sheets.


10 True or False, The Coal Pit Formation in the central North Sea includes a sequence of shelly glaciomarine clays that have been placed tentatively in OIS 3 on palaeomagnetic evidence.


Hypotheses[edit | edit source]

  1. The pre-Holocene history of the Earth is found on and in its continental shelves.

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