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Welcome to Wikiversity's School of Business
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Wikiversity's School of Business is the online community's center of business education, and is committed to teaching and educating the online community in all matters related to business.

The school aims to harness the community in writing Wikibooks, Learning Projects, and Learning Materials related to business.


Divisions and Departments of the School exist on pages in "topic" namespace. Start the name of departments with the "Topic:" prefix; departments reside in the Topic: namespace. Departments and divisions link to learning materials and learning projects. Divisions can link subdivisions or to departments. For more information on schools, divisions and departments look at the Naming Conventions.

Currently the School of Business is composed of the following areas of studies, modeled after recognized existing universities.




Core curriculum[edit]

In order to form a good basic understanding of business, it is recommended that students visit General Studies of Business Administration and study the following courses as prerequisites for all other concentrations.


School news[edit]

  • Thursday 9th August 2007 - Added 'Employee Training and Development' division to 'Human Resource Management' department.
  • Monday 18th December 2006 - Main page updated.
  • Sunday 17th December 2006 - 'Principles of Management' lesson updated.

Active participants[edit]

The histories of Wikiversity pages indicate who the active participants are. If you are an active participant in this school, you can list your name here (this can help small schools grow and the participants communicate better; for large schools it is not needed).




Please see business Wikibooks.

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Please see business books on Google books.

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