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Introduction[edit | edit source]

  National professional associations are encouraged to develop and review their codes of ethics and conduct to strengthen environmental connections and commitment. The training and personal development components of programmes sponsored by professional bodies should ensure incorporation of skills and information on the implementation of sustainable development at all points of policy- and decision-making.  

Agenda 21

The Center for Corporate Auditing, Responsibility and Management policy Authoring is dedicated to the development of corporate policies for companies, foundations, associations and projects (e.g. open source or crowdfunding projects). The same sub-topic can be addressed in several entirely different policies, but policies that share certain aspects should be structured to refer to the commonalities in only one of the two documents, or in a third document, acting as a base policy for both documents.

Implementation requirements[edit | edit source]

Explicit implementation of policies[edit | edit source]

If not otherwise required by a policy all policies must be implemented explicitly. That means the company that intends to implement a policy must either make a public statement that it implements the policy or it must publish its own policies that satisfy the requirements of policies found in the category Business Policy and make explicit references to versions of these policies in its own policies, stating the intent to implement the policies referred to.

Policies to be developed[edit | edit source]

Health policies[edit | edit source]

Gross national happiness policies[edit | edit source]

Organizational policies[edit | edit source]

Environmental and animal policies[edit | edit source]

EU Environmental directives
EU Wildlife and nature conservation directives

Research and development policies[edit | edit source]

Fair trade policies[edit | edit source]

Social policies[edit | edit source]

Working time policies[edit | edit source]

EU Working Time Directive
EU Part-time Work Directive

Corporate volunteering policies[edit | edit source]

Company ethos and social contract[edit | edit source]

UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights
UN The Corporate Responsibility To Respect Human Rights — An Interpretive Guide

Sustainability policies[edit | edit source]

Auditing and reporting policies[edit | edit source]

EU Accounting, Auditing and Management Control directives

Supply chain auditing and reporting policies[edit | edit source]

Data protection policies[edit | edit source]

EU Data Protection Directive
EU Privacy and data protection directives
EU Digital Agenda

Product quality and standards policies[edit | edit source]

Consumer protection policies[edit | edit source]

Entertainment products[edit | edit source]

Educational policies[edit | edit source]

Equal opportunity policies[edit | edit source]

EU Equal Treatment Directive
EU Anti-discrimination measures directives

Religious policies[edit | edit source]

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