Is management a science or an art?

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Management is both an art and science. Almost anyone can learn how to be a manager but the art of it is to become a great manager. Anyone can see the results of a bad manager easy enough but what happens when you have a good manager in circumstances that heavily tax his ability to manage? What happens when the good manager under too much stress for too long has a bad day? The answer may be that he becomes a bad manager. What happens to a great manager when he faces hardships that would crush most managers? He innovates he takes the weaknesses of his situation and tries to make them strengths. In the hardest times is when you find the greatest managers and these managers bring this science to an art form

Hello I am zian from Pakistan—

I think management is an art is not a science because in management your task is to betterly manage human resources and organizational matters in your circle of command & control.

in science you do not do this job. if you see science definition is entirely different from management and i am studying this topic for more accurate answer of this question.

HI I m zain from Pakistan

Mgmt is both science as well as art. It is science because ur performance is measured and results are visible. For performance there ld be some system in vogue on the basis of which ur Organization is assessed and graded. so these all are scientific jobs that could be meaured in quantitive formats.

HELLO i am GODWIN from nigeria mgt is both a scinec and art becos it's uses a systematic approach in fining out solution by useing a system index

management is both a science and art, art of implemmenting and science of planning.

I am bayo from nigeria. Maybe this quote from someone's work could trigger some thoughts.

"Management is both art and science. It is the art of making people more effective than they would have been without you. The science is in how you do that" (Reh, online).

Hi there, my name is Don De and my opinion is: Management is both a science and better an Art, the big difference is that the science precedes the art. To become a teacher of the Art of Management you first have to master the Science of Management. YOU CAN NOT learn the Art of Management before learn the science of it, it is as simple as that. The Management practicaly as a science provides principles and as an art it helps in tackling situations.