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Welcome to the Portal of the School of Law. This is a guide to learning resources about Law in general. Please help create and organize resources under the learning projects.

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The Laws of Hammurabi,
King of Babylonia

H. Otto Sommer (translator)

Records of the Past, Vol. II, Part III (1903)


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There is no jewel in the world comparable to learning; no learning so excellent as knowledge of laws.

Edward Coke

The law...should surely be accessible at all times and to everyone.

Franz Kafka

Let all the laws be clear, uniform and precise. To interpret laws is almost always to corrupt them.


[The most important provision of the] Magna Charta, extorted from King John in 1215, as a restriction upon what was then an almost unlimited kingly power, [was that] "No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned or disseized or outlawed or banished or anyways destroyed, nor will the King pass upon him or commit him to prison, unless by the judgment of his peers of the law of the land.

Thomas McIntyre Cooley, Rise of the American Union (1891)

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.

Anatole France

The more corrupt the state, the more laws it has.


All law has for its object to confirm and exalt into a system the exploitation of the workers by a ruling class.

Mikhail Bakunin

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Did you know...

...that Magna Carta refers to several charters issued in the 13th century? The popular image is of the 1215 charter but there were further charters in 1216, 1217, 1225, and 1297.

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