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This page is part of of an incomplete pan-jurisdictional bibliography of law. This part of the Universal Bibliography is a bibliography of legislation.

Collections of statutes; tables and idexes

  • The "Alphabetical Table of Statutes" (from 1707 onwards) in certain volumes of Current Law Statutes
  • Blackstone's Statutes (formerly Blackstone's Statute Books)
  • Routledge Student Statutes
  • Butterworth's Handbooks
  • Butterworth's Twentieth Century Statutes (continuation of Butterworth's Statutes) - 30 LQR 248
  • Chitty's Statutes of Practical Utility - 30 LQR 118
  • Chitty's Annual Statutes. (Chitty's Annual Statutes and Statutory Rules and Orders). (Chitty's Annual Statutes of Practical Utility). (The Annual Statutes of Practical Utility). Reviews: [10] [11]
    • Statutes of Practical Utility passed in YYYY [12]
    • Chitty's Statutes of Practical Utility . . . [Supplement] containing Statutes of Practical Utility passed in YYYY [13] [14]. Reviews and commentary: [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23]
  • Paterson's Practical Statutes.
  • The Annotated Acts. Sweet & Maxwell. Reviews: [24] [25] [26]
  • Williams. Everyday Statutes Annotated. Commentary: [27]
  • Haynes. The Students Statutes. [28]. 3rd Ed: 1884 [29]
  • Weekly Reporter Statutes: [30] Reviews: [31] [32] [33]. [34] [35]. See w:John Warrington Rogers.
  • Keen, Local Legislation, 1913 - 30 LQR 514
  • The Scots Statutes Revised. William Green. The Public General Statutes Affecting Scotland. v7, v9. The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland 1424-1707: [36]
  • The Scots Statutes. William Green
  • The Public General Statutes affecting Scotland. (A Collection of the Public General Statutes affecting Scotland). William Blackwood and Sons.
  • The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland 1424-1707. [37] [38].
  • "The Scots Laws and Acts of Parliament . . ." [from dedication page]. 1681. (wikisource)
  • Darby. Handy Book of post-Union Statutes. 1872. Review: [39]
  • Irish Current Law Statutes Annotated (1984 onwards)
  • Butterworths Irish Annotated Statutes
  • Acts of the Oireachtas as Promulgated [40] editions:IGC_LLhP9k0C
  • The Public General Acts Passed by the Oireachtas of Saorstát Eireann [41] editions:9uGAwaL3oy4C editions:oeK_mEAPtEMC editions:EBYhYxPYHVAC

Many law books contain a table of statutes referred to in the volume.

Practical editions, practical statutes, statutes of practical utility

  • Brunner. "Practical Editions". The Sources of the Law of England. Translated by Hastie. 1888. p 34

United Kingdom

See the entries for Chitty and Paterson above. The Law Times published a series of practical editions of important statutes: "Notices of New Law Books" (1846) 8 The Law Times 29.


  • Bicknell and Kappele. Practical Statutes [being a Collection of Statutes of Practical Utility in Force in Ontario with Notes on the Construction and Operation thereof]. Goodwin & Co. Toronto. 1900. [42] [43].

New Zealand

  • Wilson, Walter Munro. The Practical Statutes of New Zealand. Wayte and Batger. Auckland. 1867. [44].
  • Barton's Practical Statutes. Barton, George Burnett. The Practical Statutes of New Zealand. Dunedin. 1876 to 1877. catalogue. Commentary: [45]. For Barton, see Allibone.


  • The Public General Statutes of Victoria of Practical Utility. editions:cHZXosLSwgwC.

New South Wales

  • Oliver, Alexander. A Collection of the Statutes of Practical Utility, Colonial and Imperial, in Force in New South Wales. Thomas Richards. Sydney. 1879. v1, v2.
  • Cary, Henry (ed). A Collection of Statutes affecting New South Wales; containing all the Statutes of Practical Utility to the Present Time. Sands and Kenny. Sydney and Melbourne. 1861. v1, v2.
  • Tarleton, W W. A Collection of the Private Acts of Practical Utility in force in New South Wales; embracing the Local Private Legislation. Sydney. 1886. Catalogues: [46] [47]


  • A Compendious Abstract of the Public General Acts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. (Law Journal Reports). [48]. editions:fBGGcgLwSwcC editions:-3mv3mL5IBEC editions:9iA3vgspwG8C
  • Williams, Thomas Walter. An Accurate Abstract of the Public General Statutes passed in ... (with notes and comments): editions:zW3zdZkcMNYC editions:uD0US8VHjXAC [49] [50] [51] (also called "Statutes of the Year": [52]). A Compendious Abstract of the Public General Acts Passed in . . . [53]

Legislation of the year or session, new legislation: abstracts, epitomes, notes etc in periodicals and year books

  • "Legislation of the Year". Solicitors' Journal. [54]. "A Reading of the New Statutes".
  • "New Laws of the Session". The Law Times: [55]. Law Times Editions of Important Statutes: [56].
  • "New Statutes" in  "The Legislator". The Law Times. [57].
  • "Abstract of Public General Statutes". The Law Magazine [58]
  • Notes on New Statutes. The Legal Observer. [59]. New Statutes. [60].
  • "The Past Session". The Justice of the Peace. [61]. "The Statutes of the Session" [62]. "The Statutes of the past Session" [63]
  • Thwaites, Charles. "Epitome of Statutes". The Law Students' Journal. [64].
  • The Statutes X and Y Victoriae. The Journal of Jurisprudence. [65].
  • "The Legislation of YYYY". Irish Law Times. [66]. "The Statutes of X and Y Victoria" [67].
  • The Statutes of YYYY. The Constitutional Year Book. [68].
  • "Abstracts of Important Public Acts". Companion to the Almanac; or, Year-Book of General Information. (The British Almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge). Charles Knight. [69].

Chronological tables

  • Crabb, George. A Digest and Index with Chronological Tables of All the Statutes. A Maxwell. 1841. [70]

Upper Canada

  • Wicksteed. Table of the Provincial Statutes in Force or which have been in Force in Upper Canada in their Chronological Order. 1856. [71]

New South Wales

  • Oliver, Alexander. A Chronological Table of, and General Index to, the Colonial Statutes in Force in New South Wales. Thomas Richards. Sydney. 1881. [72]

New Zealand

  • "Chronological Table of the Ordinances of the General Legislative Council of New Zealand" [73]


  • Chronological Tables of the Indian Statutes [74]
  • Chronological Tables and Index of the Indian Statutes [75]
  • Field, Charles Dickinson. Chronological Table of, and Index to, the Indian Statute-Book.1870 [76]


  • Chronological Table of Statutes: Annotated 1874 to 1921 [77]

New York

  • Birdseye, Clarence Frank. A Table, Chronologically Arranged, of the Statutes of the State of New York. 1887. [78]. Supplement. 1894. [79] [80] [81]


  • "Indexes to the Statutes" [82]. Wheatley. What is an Index?. 2nd Ed: 1879.

Google Books and Internet Archive

Statutes Revised

  • 1st Ed
    • editions:SzKZkY0BpRgC
    • editions:3A-3PReZtRoC
  • 2nd Ed
    • editions:ELugFCjXmwgC
    • editions:Qo-nSwOZJZMC
    • editions:rJI9AQWoE0cC
  • 3rd Ed
    • editions:G0CJV-h2HdMC

The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland: Revised Edition

  • editions:bMkyQGghfQYC

Paterson's Practical Statutes 1902, 1903

  • [88] [89]
  • editions:y0sp-_2Gl5kC
  • editions:G_BbpMqfiwAC
  • editions:iE3SfyRQnnIC

Chitty's Statutes

  • editions:9sLvgCO6-kYC
  • editions:6GH9EMbBqE4C
  • editions:ofjpw4aqW94C
  • editions:77BSVbe0vL0C
  • editions:73itgjVJtzQC
  • editions:dO_by-sGUGMC
  • Annual
    • editions:pmcJb8OZddMC
    • editions:sUkk4hRsEhoC

A Collection of the Public General Statutes

  • editions:XqtIWArt7EQC
  • editions:rp1OvZ3x9HAC
  • editions:_LE0eKonAV4C
  • editions:aljEcqeh0DMC
  • editions:TfK_BN_vSBcC
  • editions:nD9gEtWfSQ4C

The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland

  • editions:0dzoBz5FVe0C

Scots Statutes

  • editions:ywfbc5p8UBAC

Scots Statutes Revised

  • editions:AgtkC6ydi-8C

Public Bills

  • editions:Audmdw1ZNhcC
  • editions:DQFPF3UM8rAC
  • editions:tkCnz5fHQqkC
  • editions:PsxY3j7rEUgC
  • editions:4ZMw5RMM5BgC

Local and Personal Acts, The Local Acts, The Private Acts

  • editions:RJQ4yovyLJwC
  • editions:Wv11ZEky6Q0C

Other works

  • Bennion. Statute Law.
  • Bennion. Statutory Interpretation.
  • Miers and Page. Legislation.
  • Craies on Statute Law. 1911. (formerly Hardcastle on Statutory Law). 1892. Now Craies on Legislation.
  • Maxwell on Statutes. (On the Interpretation of Statutes). (The Interpretation of Statutes). 1st Ed: 1875. 2nd Ed: 1883. 3rd Ed: 1896. 4th Ed: 1905. 5th Ed: 1912. 6th Ed: 1920. 7th Ed: 1929. 8th Ed: 1937. 9th Ed: 1946. 10th Ed: 1953. 11th Ed: 1962. 12th Ed: 1969.
  • Cross on Statutory Interpretation
  • The Law Commission. The Interpretation of Statutes. Law Com 21. 1969.
  • Ilbert. Legislative Methods and Forms. Oxford. 1901.
  • Evans. Statutory Interpretation.
  • Lowe and Potter. Understanding Legislation: A Practical Guide to Statutory Interpretation. [90]
  • Dale. Legislative Drafting: A New Approach.


  • Karpen and Xanthaki (eds). Legislation in Europe. Hart Publishing. 1st vol: 2017: [91]. 2nd vol: 2020: [92]


  • Hunt, Brian. The Irish Statute Book: A Guide to Irish Legislation. First Law Limited. 2007. [93] (consultant ed: Francis Bennion)
  • Vance. The Irish Statutes. 1862 [94]. The Green Book; or, Reading Made Easy of the Irish Statutes. 1862. [95] [96] (digest of case law on interpretation of particular Acts)
  • Hand, Geoffrey Joseph. "Statutes". English Law in Ireland 1290-1324. Cambridge University Press. 1967. Chapter 8. Page 159 et seq.