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If this resource is ever completed, it will be a universal bibliography. Until then, it will be an approximation of a universal bibliography.

This bibliography is arranged as an index of topics.

Index[edit | edit source]

Reference[edit | edit source]

  • Mudge, Reed & Winchell. Guide to Reference Books. Fifth Edition. American Library Association. 1929. Google Books
  • Isadore Gilbert Mudge. Guide to the Study and Use of Reference Books. American Library Association. 1917. Vol 3: Google Books

Biographical dictionaries etc[edit | edit source]

See w:Bibliography of encyclopedias: general biographies and w:List of biographical dictionaries

  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography; Dictionary of National Biography
  • Boase. Modern English Biography. (editions:uzt3-qMuFcMC)
  • A & C Black's Who's Who
  • Who Was Who
  • The Academic Who's Who. A & C Black. 1st Ed: 1973 [1] [2]. 2nd Ed: 1975. Commentary: [3]. GBooks: editions:INAP7GGD2gYC editions:tA0FkHC75FIC
  • Dictionary of Edwardian Biography (Pike's New Century Series)

Works that comprise largely of biographies:

  • The Penguin Companion to Literature

Dictionaries of dates[edit | edit source]


  • Baxter Dictionary of Dates and Events. 1st Ed: 1963: Napier, M (ed). 2nd Ed: 1971: Sanders and Laffin.
  • Beeching, Cyril Leslie. A Dictionary of Dates. OUP. 1st Ed: 1993. 2nd Ed: 1997. editions:UGGp0EexZdcC
  • William Young Darling. A Book of Days: A Dictionary of Dates, a Chronology of Circumstance, the Face of Time. Richards Press. 1951. [4]
  • Everyman's Dictionary of Dates. 1st Ed: 1911. 6th Ed: 1971. Review: (1971) 11 RQ 164 [5]
  • Platt, Charles. Foulsham's Dictionary of Dates and General Information. 1930.
  • Haydn's Dictionary of Dates
  • Hamlyn Dictionary of Dates and Anniversaries. Newnes Dictionary of Dates.
  • Williams, Henry Llewellyn. Hurst's Dictionary of Dates. 1891. [6]
  • Keller, Helen Rex. The Dictionary of Dates. Macmillan. 1934. Commentary: [7] [8]
  • Pulman, George Palmer. The World's Progress: A Dictionary of Dates. New York. 1861. [9]
  • Urdang, Laurence. The World Almanac Dictionary of Dates. Longman. 1982. [10] Review: (1982) 22 RQ 101 [11]


  • John Henniker Heaton. Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time. 1879. [12]
  • John James Knight. In the Early Days; History and Incident of Pioneer Queensland, with Dictionary of Dates in Chronological Order. Sapsford & Co. Brisbane. 1895.


  • Damon, Charles Ripley. The American Dictionary of Dates, 458-1920. R G Badger. 1921.

Encyclopedias[edit | edit source]

  • Paton, John (ed). Knowledge Encyclopedia: 1979, 1981, 1988. New Discovery Encyclopedia: 1990.
  • The Dorling Kindersley Illustrated Family Encyclopedia

Books of facts[edit | edit source]

  • The Reader's Digest Book of Facts. 1st Ed: 1985. Reprinted with amendments: 1987: [13]. (Review: Library Journal, v 9, p 102, 1 Dec 1987, Book Verdict.) 3rd Revised Ed: 1995: [14]. GBooks: editions:nnJlLybWxbIC

Series of classics[edit | edit source]

  • Penguin Classics (Penguin Modern Classics, Penguin English Library)
  • Oxford World Classics
  • Everyman's Library
  • Wordsworth Classics
  • Macmillan Collectors Library
  • Bantam Classics
  • Minster Classics
  • The Literary Heritage Collection (Heron Books, London. William Collins Sons & Co, Glasgow)
  • Chandos Classics
  • Temple Classics
  • Longmans Heritage of Literature Series


  • Greatest Masterpieces of Russian Literature (Heron Books, London)


  • Corgi SF Collectors Library

Children's and shorter classics etc

  • Shorter Classics. Ginn and Company.
  • Ladybird Children's Classics.
  • Mini Classics. Parragon Books.
  • Bonny Books. Peter Haddock Ltd.
  • A series published by Dean & Son Ltd

Microform[edit | edit source]

  • E Dale Cluff. Microforms. (The Instructional Media Library, volume 7). Educational Technology Publications. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 1981. Google Books.
  • Sydney John Teague. Microform Librarianship. Second Edition. Butterworth. 1979. ISBN 9780408709309. Google Books.
  • National Register of Microform Masters
  • Guide to Microforms in Print

Non-fiction general series[edit | edit source]

  • Oxford Companions
  • Butterworth Sources of Information
  • Collins Reference Dictionaries
  • New Horizons. Thames and Hudson.
  • Collins Gem
  • Concise Encyclopedias. Collins.
  • Time Life Books
  • Teach Yourself Books. English Universities Press.
  • Teach Yourself Books. Hodder and Stoughton.
  • Made Simple Books. W H Allen.
  • Palgrave Master Series
  • Harrap's Mini Series
  • Shire Albums. Shire Publications.
  • Fax Pax: Knowledge in a Nutshell. Fax Pax Ltd.
  • The Wonderful World Books. Macdonald and Company
  • Harper's ABC series. Includes A-B-C of Housekeeping, A-B-C of Electricity, A-B-C of Gardening and A-B-C of Manners.
  • Hamlyn Pocket Guides
  • Oxford Monograph Series
  • Study Outline Series. H W Wilson. (wikisource)


  • University Paperbacks. Meuthen & Co
  • World Student Series. Addison Wesley
  • Unibooks. Hodder and Stoughton
  • International Student Editions. Van Nostrand Reinhold
  • Hutchinson University Library


  • Pelican Books


  • Salmon Cameracolour series
  • Pitkin Pictorials

United Kingdom

  • Aspects of Britain. HMSO.


English counties

  • Victoria County History
  • Oxford County Histories
  • Pinnock's County Histories
  • Shire County Guides. Shire Publications.
  • Cambridge County Geographies
  • Pike's New Century Series
  • County Churches. G Allen.


  • Movements in World Art. Meuthen.
  • Movements in Modern Art. Meuthen.
  • How to Draw and Paint. New Burlington.

Popular science

  • Contemporary Science Paperbacks. Oliver and Boyd.
  • Pan Piper Science Series

Science and mathematics

  • Simon and Schuster Tech Outlines
  • Schaum's Outline Series


  • Illustrated Military Guides. Illustrated Guides. "An Illustrated Guide to ...". Salamander Books.
  • Combat Arms. Arco Military Books. Salamander Books. Prentice Hall Press.
  • Osprey Men-at-Arms
  • Jane's Pocket Books


  • The Library of Communication Techniques. Focal Press.
  • John Fiske (ed). Studies in Culture and Communication. Routledge.
  • The Media. Wayland.


  • ABC series. Peter Pauper Press.


  • Pan Piper Small Gardens Series.


  • Series on mythology published by Southwater (imprint of Anness)

History[edit | edit source]


  • George Matthew Dutcher. A Guide to Historical Literature. P Smith. 1949. Google Books

General Series

  • Oxford Histories
  • Oxford Historical Monographs. (Oxford Monographs Series)
  • Cambridge Histories
  • Exeter Studies in History
  • Access to A Level History. Edward Arnold.
  • Seminar Studies in History. Longman.
  • Flagship History
  • Sutton Pocket Histories
  • Langer (ed). The Rise of Modern Europe. Harper.
  • Commager and Morris (eds). New American Nation. Harper.
  • Brookeman and Issel (eds). The Contemporary United States. Macmillan.
  • Perrot and Chipiez's Works on Ancient Art. Wikisource
  • Columbia Histories of Modern American Life.
  • Shotwell (ed). Records of Civilazation: Sources and Studies. Columbia University Press. (wikisource)


  • Cambridge Ancient History
  • Cambridge Medieval History
  • Cambridge Modern History


Inns of court

Geography[edit | edit source]


  • Vegkart over Finnmark Fylke. Lito-print. Oslo. 1957. 2 sheets. 1:300,000 scale.

Accounting[edit | edit source]


  • The Accountant (1874 onwards)
  • Accountant's Magazine (1897 onwards) Aberdeen

Architecture[edit | edit source]

See s:Portal:Architecture


  • Kamen, Ruth H. British and Irish Architectural History: A Bibliography and Guide to Sources of Information. Architectural Press. 1981. [15]
  • Houses from Books
  • Catalogue of the Books Relating to Architecture, Construction and Decoration. Boston Public Library. 1894.


  • Architect and Building Gazette (1849-1850) (formerly Architect and Building Operative)
  • Technology Architectural Review (1887-1890)
  • Architectural Review (1890-1921) Boston. Commentary: [16]
  • Architectural Record (1891-1938)
  • Academy Architecture and Architectural Review (1889-1931) (formerly Academy Architecture and Annual Architectural Review)
  • Architects' Journal (1895 onwards)
  • Architectural Review (1896 onwards) London
  • Architecture (1896-1898)

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

  • Bibliographical Notes and Queries (1935 to 1939)
  • Book Review Index (1965 onwards)
  • Current Book Review Citations (1976 onwards)
  • Index to Book Reviews in the Sciences (1980 onwards)
  • Power, A Handy-Book about Books, 1870 [17] [18]


  • Norsk bokfortegnelse. Norwegian National Bibliography.

Countries[edit | edit source]

England[edit | edit source]


  • Moore. Avon Local History Handbook. Phillimore. 1979. [19] Bibliography, p 102


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Libraries[edit | edit source]

See s:Portal:Library Association of the United Kingdom

  • Cannons. Bibliography of Library Economy. 1910 [52] [53]


  • Arizona Librarian
  • Arizona Library News
  • Carole Marsh, The Arizona Library Book, 1991, 1994
  • Libraries of the University of Arizona, 1977

Literature[edit | edit source]

See s:Category:History of literature


  • Edmund Gosse (ed). Literatures of the World. D Appleton and Co [54]


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  • Routledge History of Literature in English
  • Cambridge History of Early Medieval English Literature
  • Cambridge History of Medieval English Literature
  • Cambridge History of Early Modern English Literature
  • Cambridge History of Victorian Literature
  • Cambridge History of Twentieth Century English Literature
  • Cambridge History of American Literature

See w:Category:American literature by state

  • Dershem. An Outline of American State Literature. 1921


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  • Liverpool Magazine (1890)
  • Literary Garner (1835)


  • Cambridge History of French Literature

Paper[edit | edit source]

  • Surface. Bibliography of the Pulp and Paper Industries. Forest Service. Bulletin 123. 1913. [55]
  • West. Reading List on Papermaking Materials. 1920 to 1921. [56] [57]

Printing[edit | edit source]

  • Bigmore and Wyman's Bibliography of Printing
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  • A Catalogue of Practical Books about Printing. Inland Printer. 1915 External scan
  • Contributions to the Bibliography of Printing

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Notes[edit | edit source]