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The Secondary Education Portal
A science olympiad in the Southern United States.
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Schoolchildren using the XO laptop on a field trip in Thailand.

Welcome to Wikiversity's Secondary Education Portal, an entry-point for Wikiversity's secondary education content.

Wikiversity is the Wikimedia Foundation's project which specifically aims to collect and share open educational resources. Wikiversity aims to be a critical global player in the use of the internet and information technologies to improve global education. We provide equally for all ages and stages of education and view secondary education as a key component of our mission. Through the creation of this portal dedicated to secondary education, we hope to encourage growth of our resource collection in this area.

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Wikiversity Film School is developing a new way for drama departments to create short motion pictures at the same time they produce a school play. The idea is to create a 5-minute motion picture using the same set, lights, costumes and props as the current school play. After the school play begins its run, rehearsals on a short movie can begin with new actors. Once the play is over, the shooting of the movie can begin. Since the set and the lights and the costumes are all ready, filming can be done very quickly during the weeks that follows the closing of the play. [[Course:Basic Filmmaking for High School Drama Departments
Neuron cell
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This is a diagram of a neuron cell. Neurons (also known as neurones or nerve cells) are electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that process and transmit information. Click on the image for a full size version which you can freely re-use and modify. Print it and use it for your lessons, integrate it into your pages on Wikiversity, or use it in other learning resources and websites. Use the links below to find more images like this one.

Nervous system images - Cell biology images - Biology images

This image is a part of the
Educational Media Awareness Campaign, raising awareness among educators about the availability and usage of millions of free internet media in education.
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Guide to Secondary Education
The following is a dynamic listing of all the pages categorized into this portal. To restructure or extend this list, you will need to edit individual page categories.
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What can you do here?
  • If you are here as a learner, then browse through the menu of learning resources above.
  • If you are here as a teacher, then please feel welcome to create new content, or adapt/extend/modify existing content. This is a wiki, so just go ahead and be bold!
  • If you would like to be involved in maintaining this part of Wikiversity, then the to-do list has a list of current jobs, and you can add more jobs to the list.
To-do list for Secondary Education
  • Locate more content on Wikiversity which relates to this portal and add it to the dynamic category system by categorising it under Category:Secondary Education
  • Reorganize the category system which this portal feeds off so that the guide looks better.
  • Help with the Highschool Help Forum
  • Clean up Draft:Dates and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
  • Clean up Draft:Distances and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
  • Clean up Draft:Genealogy and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.
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  • 1 May: Clinical psychology students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have updated Evidence-based assessment.
  • 30 April POGILs provide a structured format for engaging learning resources. See POGIL to learn how.
  • 19 April: The spring 2020 classes in English 105 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are finishing up their Federal Writers' Project – Life Histories pages.
  • 12 April: Programming Fundamentals provides an introduction to programming. New programmers should start with Python. Experienced programmers can follow the examples to quickly learn COBOL structure and help address the COVID-19 COBOL programmer shortage.
  • 21 March: Educators who are transitioning to distance learning and desire help are encouraged to post a request at Wikiversity:Colloquium.
  • 19 March: The learning resource COVID-19 is under development and require update and support especially for
    • translation,
    • checking,
    • updating, ...
Keep in mind that there is also Wikipedia:COVID-19 resource for encyclopedic content about the Corona virus, the Wikiversity COVID-19 is designed as a learning resource.
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