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Welcome to Wikiversity! Wikiversity is for learning. It is a place where you'll find free learning materials and learning projects. Everyone can participate. There is no cost, no advertising, and no credentials are required. No degrees are awarded — just learning.

Everyone can create and revise teaching materials. Anyone can participate in the learning activities. Everyone can take a course. Everyone can teach a course. There are no entrance requirements and no fees. All content in Wikiversity is written collaboratively, using wiki software, and everyone is welcome to take part through using, adding and discussing content.

Feel free to dive in, and create or amend any page you think warrants improvement! Be bold! You don't even need to create an account to contribute. However, doing so will help to identify you to others as a regular participant and at the same time provide you with a personal set of user pages.

If you have educational content you feel could be useful, or want to develop your own, you might find it useful to read our page on adding content before doing so. It may also be helpful to explore Wikiversity a bit, and just try to come away with a sense of how things have been done thus far in the endeavor. Perhaps you might also like to check out Wikiversity: Introduction for the basics, take a longer guided tour to find your way around the project, or to work through an activity to make Wikiversity activities.

Visit the Colloquium if you have any questions. And again, welcome to Wikiversity!