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Learning resource means educational content in general terms. Wikiversity has many types of learning resources not available at other Wikimedia Foundation wiki projects (see Wikimedia and What Wikiversity is not). Wikiversity learning resources do not include encyclopedia articles, textbooks, or source texts, for example.

What learning resources does Wikiversity include?[edit]

Wikiversity includes learning resources in all subject areas for all age groups. Learning resources can be roughly divided into:

  1. Learning projects that support active learning, and
  2. Static learning materials for use outside of Wikiversity.

Learning projects[edit]

Learning projects guide active learners to exercises and collaborative learning projects. See: Portal:Learning Projects.

Research projects[edit]

Research is an integral part of advanced education and professional work in many fields. See Wikiversity:Research for information on Wikiversity research projects.

Learning materials[edit]

Learning materials can be audio and video files, text files and are generally static learning objects that can be used either by Wikiversity participants or downloaded for use at bricks-and-mortar educational institutions.

Finding Wikiversity Learning resources[edit]

Portals. Every Wikiversity learning resource may be linked to by at least one portal page. You can browse the Wikiversity portals. See Category:Portals.

Categories. Every Wikiversity learning resource should be in at least one Category. You can browse Wikiversity by category. See: Category:Categories.

Search. Try using the search feature to find learning resources. See: Wikiversity:Searching.

Your turn[edit]

Wikiversity has many learning resources that are on hard-to-find pages. You can help make sure that every learning resource has a link to it from at least one portal page. Particularly exciting learning resources should become featured content on portals or the Main Page.

When existing portals become too crowded you can make new portals.

Creating learning resources[edit]

See: Wikiversity:Content development.

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