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Email options for Instructors

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Teachers have a number of options for working with emails inside Wikiversity.

Sending emails to students

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Once your students sign up to receive emails through Wikiversity, you must go to the student's user page and click the option in the toolbox to email the user.

Unfortunately, if the student has not completed sign up by starting a User Page and by turning on the option to receive mail, you need to contact the student by other means and inform the student how to do all of this.

No mailing lists
Wikiversity has no provision for mailing lists for teachers to contact students.

Setting up for students to send emails to the teacher

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1. Simple email

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On your lesson pages, you can add this:

[[Special:Emailuser/Robert_Elliott | Click here to send me an email]].

which looks like this:

Click here to send me an email.

2. Click on icon

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On your lesson pages, you can make an icon or picture active for the student to send you an email.
By using this formula:

{{Click|image=Crystal Clear app xfmail.png|link=Special:Emailuser/Robert_Elliott|width=32px|height=32px}}

You will get an icon which looks like this on your lesson page:


or if you set width and height to 128 and put it in a simple table, you get this on your lesson page:


3. Complex (but most useful way for students to send you messages.)

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On your lesson page, you can ask the student to respond to a specific question and include that information in the subject heading.
As an example, you can put something like this on a lesson page:

This was created by using this template:
{{email|user=Robert_Elliott|subject=My answer - The price of rice is...|text=What is the retail price of brown rice in Japan?}}

Here is how this coding works:
You can use the template above to create a link for e-mailing a user with a customized subject. Here are the parameters:


[edit | edit source]
The name of the user to be e-mailed.
The customized subject for the e-mail.
The text shown for the link.


[edit | edit source]
Here is a simple example of this:

Remember: Use your USER NAME, not mine! Robert Elliott


[edit | edit source]

If you have any questions, send me an email.

Robert Elliott 5 January 2007 (PST)