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For a guide to Wikiversity projects devoted to learning materials, see: Portal:Learning Materials

Part of the Wikiversity mission is to provide a collection of learning materials and links to online learning resources. Some Wikiversity participants are devoted to these tasks.

Wikiversity is not a platform for commercial enterprises to advertise education-related products. Wikiversity is devoted to free education. Wikiversity provides server space for public domain and copy-left learning materials. Wikiversity provides links to online learning resources that are available for free to students and teachers.

An important function of Wikiversity is to provide critical evaluations of learning materials and online learning resources. The Wikiversity Hunter-gatherers project is devoted to finding learning resources on the internet. Hunter-gatherers participate in the critical evaluation of learning resources by editing the Wikiversity pages that are devoted to evaluating learning materials and describing how to integrate them into courses of study.

Wikiversity participants can take on ambassadorial functions and participate in Wikiversity projects that seek to establish collaborations between Wikiversity participants and outside educators. These collaborations can involve the development of new learning materials for use either in the wiki user environment or outside of Wikiversity.

Other Wikiversity projects are devoted to the development of new learning materials.

One goal of Wikiversity is to catalog learning resources and integrate them into the Wikiversity learning system.

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