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Wikiversity strives to provide education-related services to Wikimedia sister projects.

Service activities in support of Wikibooks[edit | edit source]

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It is natural for some Wikiversity participants to look to Wikibooks for online textbooks. It is natural for some Wikiversity projects to contribute to the development and improvement of textbooks. This does not mean that the Wikibooks and Wikiversity projects are in competition or in a state of conflict. It simply means that some Wikiversity Learning Projects will lead to improvements in textbooks at Wikibooks and some Wikiversity participants will make use of textbooks at Wikibooks to facilitate the attainment of their educational goals. This synergy is a win-win situation for Wikiversity and Wikibooks. There should be links from Wikiversity to every textbook at Wikibooks and a standing invitation for Wikiversity participants to both use and help improve those textbooks.

An instructor assigned a class of students the task of working on the Human Physiology textbook at Wikibooks. This is an example of "learn by doing". All Wikiversity departments can promote similar improvement drives for Wikibooks.

Linking a Wikibooks textbook module to a Wikiversity project[edit | edit source]

"Template:Wikiversity" is the name of the template for linking Wikibooks pages to related pages at Wikiversity. Page creation templates used for initializing School, Division, Department and Learning resource pages at Wikiversity include a section for linking directly to relevant resources at Wikibooks.

Aligning Wikibooks and Wikiversity[edit | edit source]

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