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WikiJournal of Science

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You can contribute to the WikiJournal of Science in many ways: you can submit an article, review an article, develop the documentation, or participate in the ongoing discussions.

Submit an article[edit]

Are you proud of any science article you've written on Wikiversity, Wikipedia or any other Wikimedia wiki? Then your article may be eligible for publication at the WikiJournal of Science! To submit an article, follow these steps:

  1. Add a link to it in the list of articles awaiting reviewer.
  2. Wait for someone to take on the job of reviewing your article. You will be notified when that happens. In the meantime, read the steps for reviewing an article to get a grasp of the process from the other side, and consider reviewing someone else's article.
  3. Wait for the reviewer to contact you with corrections. Do the corrections and wait again, until your article is approved or rejected.
  4. If your article is approved, you may be required to write a short abstract of it for publication.

Review an article[edit]

If you want to peer-review a submitted article, follow these steps. If you wish to remain anonymous, follow the same steps, but do so while logged out.

  1. Browse the list of articles awaiting reviewer or list of articles awaiting a second or third reviewer and pick an article close to your speciality.
  2. Move the article to the list of articles under review, if not already there, and leave your user name next to it.
  3. Notify the author of the article that you're reviewing it.
  4. Review the article taking into consideration the review guidelines.
  5. If the article is good but has fixable errors, describe the issues in the talk page of the article, and ask the author to fix them. Else move it to the list of rejected articles explaining your reasons in the talk page of the article.
  6. Once the article meets the criteria and has your approval, move it to the list of articles approved for the next issue, and copy the oldid of the exact version you reviewed next to it.

The WikiJournal of Science, as part of the Wikimedia movement, favors public peer review over blind peer review.

Articles awaiting reviewer[edit]

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