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WikiJournal of Science
Open access • Publication charge free • Public peer review

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WikiJournal of Science

An open access journal with no publication costs – About

ISSN: 2470-6345
Frequency: Continuous

Publisher: Wikimedia Foundation
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Aims and scope

WikiJournal of Science is a scientific journal covering all STEM topics. It is open access with no publication cost for authors. It targets a broad population spanning from advanced researchers to students and laypersons, wherein the latter can get quick explanations of advanced terms by in-line links to Wikipedia.

The journal accepts submission of original articles, as well as from any Wikimedia sister project, including abridged versions of such articles. Accepted article are published as a stable PDF, and as an editable mediawiki page. Suitable material is then integrated into Wikipedia and related projects, which are then clearly marked so that readers can find the peer-reviewed PDF.

WikiJournal enables academics and experts contribute specialist knowledge to the Wikimedia movement in the academic publishing format that directly rewards them with citable publications.

Unique publication features

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Open Access

All of our published articles are openly accessible under a free Creative Commons or similar license
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Free to publish

We are a fully non-profit journal with a volunteer board of editors, and we therefore have no publication charges of any kind
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Public peer-review

All peer reviews are published and publicly accessible


Appropriate material is integrated into Wikipedia for added reach and exposure


Aims (proposed)

  • To create resources that are "static" in that they will not be edited mid-course. One reason for preferring "static" documents is that the instructor is never certain that Wikipedia or Wikiversity resources won't evolve mid-course. The posting of documents that have been peer reviewed also frees the instructor from the chore of verifying the correctness of a Wikviersity or Wikipedia resoure, and it facilitates the development of a bank of quiz and exam questions (see Quizbank)
  • To provide instructors with labs and demonstrations. Many labs and demonstrations cannot become Wikipedia articles.
  • To attribute and credit individual authors for their efforts. This is especially useful for students at or near college graduation, who have yet to establish their reputations among the standard scholarly journals. We are attempting to implement the policy that least two experts will view and approve each accepted article.

Mission statement (proposed)

  • This journal is the second effort designed to integrate academic publishing with Wikipedia and its sister projects. Such journals seek to reward and credit authors for expert contributions.
  • This journal believes decisions regarding which resources are "the best" should be decentralized to the greatest extent possible. The format of this journal is such that any person or group of people could start a journal just like this one, and this journal strongly encourages others to create such journals patterned after this one and the WikiJournal of Medicine.

What this journal is not

  • It currently does not plan to publish scientific research or discussions on how to teach.


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