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WikiJournal of Science
Open access • Publication charge free • Public peer review

WikiJournal of Science is an open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journal for science, mathematics, engineering and technology topics. WJS WikiJSci Wiki.J.Sci. WikiJSci WikiSci WikiScience Wikiscience Wikijournal of Science Wikiversity Journal of Science WikiJournal Science Wikipedia Science Wikipedia science journal STEM Science Mathematics Engineering Technology Free to publish Open access Open-access Non-profit online journal Public peer review

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WikiJournal of Science

An open access journal with no publication costs – About

ISSN: 2470-6345
Frequency: Continuous

Funding: Wikimedia Foundation
Publisher: WikiJournal User Group
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Aims and scope

WikiJournal of Science is a scientific journal covering all STEM topics. It is open access with no publication cost for authors. It targets a broad population spanning from advanced researchers to students and laypersons, wherein the latter can get quick explanations of advanced terms by in-line links to Wikipedia.

The journal accepts submission of original articles, as well as from any Wikimedia sister project, including abridged versions of such articles. Accepted article is published as a stable PDF, and as an editable mediawiki page. Suitable material is then integrated into Wikipedia and related projects, which are then clearly marked so that readers can find the peer-reviewed PDF.

WikiJournal enables academics and experts contribute specialist knowledge to the Wikimedia movement in the academic publishing format that directly rewards them with citable publications.

Unique publication features

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Open Access

All of our published articles are openly accessible under a free Creative Commons or similar license
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Free to publish

We are a fully non-profit journal with a volunteer board of editors, and we therefore have no publication charges of any kind
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Public peer-review

At least 2 reviewers per article. All peer reviews are published and publicly accessible


Appropriate material is integrated into Wikipedia for added reach and exposure



All accepted articles are published in two forms:

Before inclusion in the journal, article submissions are peer reviewed by at least two experts. The quality of the peer reviews is weighted in when the editorial board makes final decision on including the article in the journal. The journal emphasises transparency throughout the process, from peer reviews to final version and all versions are freely accessible online.


The journal offers its services for free, by donations to the Wikimedia Foundation, and fully volunteer peer reviewers, editors and editorial board members. WikiJournal of Medicine part of the WikiJournal Publishing Group, which is also the formal publisher of the journal.

Anyone may edit journal pages, but only minor edits to accepted journal articles (e.g. spelling) are permitted. Any edits that change the content of a published article require an additional round of peer-review, and if accepted, are published in an updated version of the page. Suggestions for updates of the main text of published articles may be created as separate drafts that are re-submitted to undergo peer review before being used to update the article.

All articles are open to post-publication peer review, and edit suggestions can be added at the "Discuss" tab at the top of each page.


WikiJournal of Science abides by several journal guidelines:


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