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WikiJournal of Science is an open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated academic journal for science, mathematics, engineering and technology topics. WJS WikiJSci Wiki.J.Sci. WikiJSci WikiSci WikiScience Wikiscience Wikijournal of Science Wikiversity Journal of Science WikiJournal Science Wikipedia Science Wikipedia science journal STEM Science Mathematics Engineering Technology Free to publish Open access Open-access Non-profit online journal Public peer review

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WikiJournal of Science

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Stages used in this table refer to the following steps:

  1. Manuscript has been received and an authorship declaration form has been submitted
  2. The editorial board has decided on article suitability
  3. A peer review coordinator has been designated.
  4. Comments from each peer review have been presented to the author(s) (4a,b,c etc used to indicate number of peer reviews)
  5. Author(s) have responded to each peer review and made amendments accordingly (5a,b,c etc used to indicate number of review responses)
  6. Author(s) have responded to all peer reviews and made amendments accordingly
  7. The peer reviewers have been given opportunity to assess the amendments
  8. The editorial board has decided whether to publish the work in the journal
Work Submission date Stage Peer review coordinator(s) Comments
Spaces in mathematics 2017-11-02 5a Marshal Sumter, Thomas Shafee, Sylvain Ribault, Markus Pössel
Dialectic algorithm 2017-11-03 5b Marshal Sumter, Thomas Shafee
Radiocarbon dating 2017-11-16 4a Brian Whalley, Jack Nunn
Lead 2017-11-22 4c; 5a Ian Alexander, Brian Whalley, Florian Weller
ShK toxin 2018-01-04 3 Joanna Argasinska
Lysine 2018-01-05 4b; 5a Melanie Stefan
A card game for Bell's theorem and its loopholes 2018-01-10 4c Thomas Shafee currently hosted in Wikiversity draftspace
Baryonyx 2018-03-22 3 Melanie Stefan, Florian Weller
Peripatric speciation 2018-04-15 1
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