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I am an associate professor of physics[1] who believes that the Wikimedia Foundation can drastically reduce the cost of higher education by encouraging students to help develop instructional materials for most lower division courses. We need to put this kind of material on Wikiversity where people can freely use and modify: See also:

Wikinews-logo-prototype by Diego Grez.svg
8 min video
slides only

I just made a video that is available in three places:
2-My facebook page
3-c:File:Open Quizbank Proposal First.webm
See also the pdf printout of the slides
Lake Campus Symposium: Creating a bank so students won't break the bank
The conversion to LaTeX should make this bank more compatible with VLEs
 Quizbank - Quizbank/Python/LaTex - Category:QB/LaTeXpdf - QB - edit news
Students with minimal Python skills can now write numerical questions

The projects that occupy most of my time are:[edit]
  1. Wright State University Lake Campus is where I currently teach all my courses. I teach mostly physics, with a bit of engineering, mathematics, and astronomy. Most of my courses are at the freshman/sophomore college level.
  2. Quizbank is an attempt to create an open-source bank of exam questions. The internet already stores virtually all the text required for any degree in higher education. Wikitext is soon approaching that level of completeness. What's missing is a zero-cost method for individuals to verify that they have this knowledge.
  3. is a wikifarm node where where my students can write wikitext in private, for a grade. The privacy is needed so that students cannot "peek" into each other's efforts. The very best efforts can then be imported into Wikipedia/Wikiversity/Wikibooks/WikiJournal.

If you have any ideas, click Discuss and leave a message.

The rest of the page is a bit of a mess that I am too busy to clean up.

Openstax college physics

To do[edit]


List of subpages
  1. clean or delete file:Talk_WikiJournal_WikiJournal_User_Group_-_Wikiversity.pdf
  2. Post: Двадцать пять лет он пережевывает чужие мысли о реализме, натурализме и всяком другом вздоре; двадцать пять лет читает и пишет о том, что умным давно уже известно, а для глупых неинтересно,— значит, двадцать пять лет переливает из пустого в порожнее.

A really messy appendix[edit]

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Second Journal of Science        file:Alarm clock ticking.ogg File:Clock_ticking.ogg


Contributions to Wikipedia and other open source wikis[edit]

Suitable for computer screen discussions of card games (See instructions.)

Current year[edit]

Linearized relativity slab geometry spongebob squarepants.png
First Journal of Science logo.png
  1. Wikiversty: Page protection Project put on hold. See Created Wikiversity talk:Page protection. See also The_strange_case_of_role_reversal_between_the_elitist_and_wild_sisters and Wikiversity_as_a_haven_for_lone_wolves -- January 1-4, 2016
  2. Wikiversity: Inveiling the breakdown of Euclidean geometry in linearized general relativity --January 6, 2016
  3. Wikiversity: Initiated the First Journal of Science, which required the construction of Template:Permalink and the derivative Template:List entry/1. It also lead to an invitation to make this application to the serve on the board of Wikiversity Journal of Medicine. The effort is summed up in this question on the Wikipedia:Help desk, which was rephrased on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Physics. January 12, 2016
  4. Wikipedia: Reduced the already condensed version of Wikipedia:Timeline of quantum mechanics retrieved at 679101670 even further, from 699233879 to , where it will appear as 699889590 Timeline of quantum mechanics (abridged) in the FJS mockup. January 14,2016.
  5. Wikiversity: Faculty activity report 2015...Special:Permalink/1502203
  6. Wikiversity: Silly contribution, and example from one lecture. Feb 1, 2016
  7. Wikipedia: Added hatnote template at top of Negative_mass to w:Effective mass (solid-state physics). Mar 3, 2016
  8. Wikipedia: Added one sentence to Effective mass stating connection to Bragg scattering. Mar 3, 2016
  9. Wikipedia: Let me digress a bit is an effort to recruit a group of physicists who edit Wikipedia to help me create a Wikiversity Journal of Physics. April 4, 2016
  10. Wikiversity: Removed permalink in Wikipedia:Parity to Bell's theorem/Quantum correlation due to concerns that it is wrong. Also the my version will always be saved at Special:Permalink/1572116, which is the version submitted to the EJP as Teaching Bell's "paradox" as simply as possible
  11. Wikipedia: A Relativistic Trolley Paradox just in case it is deleted by Wikipedia. There is also something in my sandbox at Special:Permalink/1578330. June 14, 2016
  12. ??? deleted:Special:Permalink/1571843 just in case it is not wrong. Also saved at flawed copy at Special:Permalink/1572882
  13. Applied for account on Miraheze September 4, 2106
  14. Rescued the embeddes list on expository and other prose types at w:Special:Permalink/740783868.14:11, 2 October 2016 (UTC)
  15. Russell's paradox (views) 19 December 2016

Prior years[edit]

See also Faculty activity report 2015

2015 edits
  1. Wikiversty: Created Category:Physics and Astronomy/Labs and began to place labs there. At the start of the year, it was essentially empty (a few fragments were already existed in How things work.
  2. Estimating angular size with hand.gif
    Wikipedia: Added section and several references on estimating angular size in Angular diameter. Image was made in collaboration with a student in my Astronomy course. 21 January 2015
  3. Wikipedia: Improved documentation on sister-interlink template. 22 January 2015‎
  4. Wikipedia: Added figure to article on Messabout. Just a fun and nonacademic edit of a page that I sometimes link to because I believe in messing around in the physics lab.
  5. Wikipedia: Added one equation to Big O notation in order to bring it down to the level of a typical engineering student. 31 January 2015
  6. Wikipedia: Added link in Frictionless plane to Two New Sciences. 1 February 2015
  7. Paperclips on string drop sound data.svg
    Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Added sister-interlink on Wikiversity's Vernier scale to Wikipedia's Vernier scale 9 February 2015
  8. Force versus strain 0.512 gram per meter string.png
    Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Wrote Hooke's law and Young's modulus and added sisterlink to Wikipedia's Hysteresis 9 February 2015
  9. Heisenberg microscope with wavefronts and electron scatter.svg
    Wikipedia/Commons: Improved image of Heisenberg's microscope (New image shows the wavefronts, as well as the proper direction for illumination at minimum uncertainty) 18 February 2015
  10. Wikiversity: Created page Astronomy education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln 20 February 2015
  11. Wikiversity/Wikipedia: Added Steam tables and Compressibility factor to Engineering thermodynamics. Plan to place an extensive collection of open source tables and graphs there in the future. 20 February 2015. Added sister interlink to Wikipedia's Steam 13 March 2015.
  12. Wikipedia: Minor edit to Computer, inserting one word to remind the reader that the medieval period extended after the Roman era. 21 February 2015
  13. Compton-scattering.svg
    Wikipedia: Improved image in Compton Scattering (See Talk) 26 February 2015
  14. Wikipedia/Wikiversity:Completed preliminary version of student steam tables and placed inline sister link on Wikipedia's Properties of water. March 22, 2015.
  15. Lens3b third ray.svg
    Wikipedia/Commons: Made derivative image c:File:Lens3b third ray.svg and linked footnote to it on w:Lens (optics) in order to illustrate the "3 easy rays" of a diverging lens. March 29, 2015
  16. Editable ray diagram of eye v0.svg
    Wikipedia/Commons: Added c:File:Editable_ray_diagram_of_eye_v0.svg to w:Lens (anatomy). March 29, 2015
  17. Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Wrote v:Joule-Thomson effect to Wikipedia's Joule-Thomson effect. Also linked Wikipedia's Joule-Thomson effect and Shock wave with interlinks between the articles, as well as a reference proving that they are closely related concepts. April 5, 2015
  18. Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Students and I wrote v:Skygazing/Solar eclipse lab on a sunny day and linked it to Wikipedia's Solar eclipse April 17, 2015
  19. Lenses en.svg
    Wikipedia/Commons: Improved shape of meniscus lenses in w:Len (optics) by editing File:Lenses en.svg. April 21, 2015
  20. Wikiversity: Created OpenStax College A sister-link with Wikipedia:Cat and mouse led to minor edits to that page as well as Wikipedia:Cat and mouse (playground game) May 7, 2015.
  21. Wikiversity: Created Quizbank and plan to devote a great deal of time developing it. May 7, 2015.
  22. Wikipedia: Included the term-by-term summation used in Numberphile's video in Wikipedia's 1+2+3+4+... June 24, 2015
  23. Wikiversity: Spent some time investigating the value of Boubaker Polynomials. Got a glimpse of how Wikipedia makes decisions. But it was only a glimpse, from which I can draw no conclusion. The page definitely belongs on Wikiversity. June 28, 2015.
  24. Thomson Elements of Chemistry 1810 p483.png
    Wikipedia: Added two references and one sentence to Wikipedia:John Dalton. One of the references shows how John Dalton might have used used nitrogen (N2) and oxygen gas (O2), as well as Nitrogen dioxide (N02), and nitrous oxide (N2O) to establish the indirect evidence that atoms exist. (They mix in simple ratios of volume, although it should be noted that it is not certain exactly how Dalton reached his conclusions).
  25. m:Metawiki:m:Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/Open source multiple choice bank of exam questions Proposal submitted August 15, 2015
  26. Object to be edited.svg
    Commons: Began construction of Object to be edited (see Man Ray's w:Object to be destroyed) Fulfilled request myself by requesting permission to from New York Museum of Modern Art. Waiting for reply. August 29, 2015
  27. Wikiversity: Subpages/Forking and organizing This is a permalink to an essay. Even though nobody "owns" a wiki page, permalinks are owned. The laws of physics prevent anybody from editing this essay. September 3, 2015.
  28. US unemployment rate under President Obama.svg
    Commons: Repaired faulty svg US unemployment rate under President Obama.svg
  29. Wikibooks: Minor errors fixed in Probability/Probability Spaces September 12, 2015
  30. Wikiversity: Started Bell's theorem. 13 Sept-21 October 2015 (22:58 UTC) (1 2 [1])Bell's theorem 3 polarization angles.svgMalus' Law Demonstration.svgBell's theorem with Qed-Her.svg Bell's theorem EPR.svg Bell's theorem Venn diagram.svg
  31. Wikibooks: Conditional Probability (Even and prime numbers) Conditional probability venn 12345.svg Conditional probability venn 1-10.svg September 25, 2015-22:58, 21 October 2015 (UTC)
  32. Wikipedia: Minor edit to Classification of mathematical definitions, required so that I could use the expression "working definition". September 26, 2015
  33. Wikipedia: Started the A/index page and its discussion at User:Guy vandegrift/A. September 30, 2015
  34. Wikipedia: Very minor role is a discussion about Talk:Bell's theorem#Delete new section-Alternative Analysis interesting for what it says about Wikipedia editing. October 3, 2015
  35. Thomson Elements of Chemistry 1810 p483.png
    Wikipedia: Added excerpt of table from Thomson's 1810 textbook on Chemistry, one of the first such experimental arguments in favor of the atomic theory 3 November 2015
  36. Wikiversity: Proposed Permalink as a way Wikiversity can be used as a course management system: The following permalink is to a brief essay by a Work Study student who was asked to write something specifically for this discussion:
  37. Wikipedia/Wikiversity Added sister link to on Quantum_mechanics/Quantum_field_theory_on_a_violin_string to w:Quantum field theory and w:Second quantization
  38. Wikiversity Sunflower Logo.svg
    Wikiversity: Created a new logo, as well as number of course management systems , e.g., Wright State University Lake Campus/Mock Course 101a. At the moment, the user needs to be experienced with Excel, and also have Matlab installed. I think I will call this EduV (See Wikiversity:Education extension. Also created sevveral templates to help organize all this: Template:Subpages/Simple, Template:EduV, Template:EduV/tip,Template:EduV/announcement,Template:EduV/warning, and Template:EduV/generic-- December 25, 2015 Just before midnight (local time) on New Year's eve, gave quizzes editable subpages that can be created from the protected page. See Phy1060 for application.
  39. Wikiversity: Large contributino to Wikiversity:Year of Science 2016 December 31,2015
2014 edits
  1. Wikipedia: Temperature: kinetic theory of gases added figure, rewrote Kinetic theory of gases January 2014.
  2. Wikipedia: Gibbs Paradox Wrote entire section: Entropy of two ideal gasses with particle exchange 10 January 2014
  3. Wikipedia:Fundamental unit added two references (Jackson and Birge) to a highly flawed Wikipedia article that claims the existence of a controversy that does not (or should not) exist. I have not time for an edit war and therefore just added two references (with quotes).
  4. Wikipedia: Thermodynamic cycle added figure explaining why Work is area inside curve on PV diagram. January 18 2014.
  5. Wikibooks: Fundamentals of Physics: Motion in two dimensions Added figure. January 19 2014.
  6. Wikipedia: Major rewrite of Relative velocity (including new figure) Janury 21 2014
  7. Wikipedia: Minor edit linking from Rotation into Active and passive transformations January 25 2014
  8. Wikipedia: Minor edit to Operational definition (Removed one sentence that made no sense from an article that makes little sense. Was looking (in vain) for an appropriate link to deal with the lack of a good definition of temperature. January 25, 2014
  9. Wikipedia: Added two figures and rewrote introduction to Ergodic hypothesis February 9, 2014 After some discussion enhanced caption to one of the figures. April 3, 2014.
  10. Wikipedia: Minor rewrite to introduction of Planetary mass February 9, 2014
  11. Wikipedia: Minor edit to Mars (spelling and a link to martian dichotomy) February 16, 2014
  12. Wikipedia: Minor edit to atmospheric escape (fixed redlinks) February 23, 2014
  13. Wikipedia: Minor edit (improved link) in Galilean moonsFebruary 26, 2014.
  14. Wikipedia: Minor edits to Titan Added link to opacity and changed one awkward sentence. March 4, 2014.
  15. Wikipedia: Edited Hydraulic analogy Re-arranged figures to look better on the page. Described two other analog's (to acoustics and to plasma physics). Referenced both of them, each with an external and an internal link. Cleaned up the prose a bit. March 12, 2014
  16. Wikipedia: After long discussion helped rewrite section on zeroth law, as well as the lead to Temperature. March 22, 2014.
  17. Wikipedia: Found reference for single particle temperature and orthodicity on Temperature April 11, 2014
  18. Wikipedia: Found reference for low temperature expansion for μ of ideal Fermi gas April 12, 2014
  19. Wikipedia: Doubled the length of Sommerfeld expansion by writing Derivation to second order in temperature April 13, 2014
  20. Wikimedia: Attempting to determine whether an image depicting an HR diagram correctly depicts the minimum size of a white dwarf. Found reference suggesting a factor of 1.7 error in the lower range. April 15, 2014
  21. Wikipedia: Minor edit to Kelvin Stokes theorem (added link to a much more discussion of same topic). May 23, 2014
  22. Wikiversity: Improved Vectors by strengthening vector calculus section. May 23, 2014 (This and the prior edit were byproducts of an effort to create a consolidated discussion of all this on Physics equations.)
  23. Wikipedia and Wikiversity: Improved the appearance by making the same changes to both pages: Electrostatics (Wikipedia) and Coulomb's Law (Wikiversity) (where I also added a figure). Wikiversity and Physics equations are starting to merge as I use Wikiversity pages to compensate for the lack of calculus in openstax Physics. May 26, 2014
  24. Wikiversity: Coordinate systems, Vectors, and Vector calculus are three pages written primarily by others, but with a great deal of editing and original writing by me. All need further refinement, but all now represent acceptable drafts. May 30, 2014.
  25. Wikiversity: Made figure for Pressure and manometer (Thermodynamics practice quizzes) June 9, 2014
  26. Wikipedia: Improved path independence drawing in Conservative force June 10, 2014.
  27. Physwiki: Added paragraph and image of snaky spring wave pulse their quantum mechanics page But what do these equations mean?. June 10, 2014.
  28. Wikiversity: Ported Template:Rand in from Wikipedia. (A very easy task once I learned how to do it). June 27, 2014
  29. Wikipedia: Added column 3 and row 7 to the table: Analogy between linear and rotational motion. July 10, 2014
  30. Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Linked wikiquiz out of Industrial Revolution July 28, 2014.
  31. Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Linked two wikiquizzes out of Nuclear power Wikipedia article. July 31, 2014.
  32. Wikipedia: Proposed minor word change to paragraph in Turing machine (Talk page). August 4, 2014
  33. Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Linked Turing machine quiz out of Busy beaver Wikipedia article. August 4, 2014
  34. Wikipedia: Minor editing of a contribution (on relativity) to Relative velocity (I still need to change the figure and discuss the connection made by the contributor). August 5, 2014.
  35. Wikipedia/Wikiversity: Added link to wikiquiz on Wave-particle duality August 12, 2014
  36. Wikipedia: Repaired vandalism to Antikythera wreck August 14, 2014
  37. Wiktionary: Improved definition of intercalary August 15, 2014
  38. Wikiversity: Rewrote Trigonometry/Polar and linked to it from Physics equations. September 5, 2014
  39. Wikibooks: Added content to Trigonometry/The Unit Circle September 5, 2014
  40. Wikiversity/Wikipedia: Wrote Divergent series and linked it to Wikipedia articles w:Divergent series and w:1+2+3+4+... September 6, 2014
  41. Wikiversity: Began article on 1+2+3+... on MATLAB (currently unfinished) September 6, 2014
  42. Wiktionary: Defined partial sum September 6, 2014
  43. Wikipedia: Corrected a minor mathematical inconsistency in two highly technical articles pertaining to the use of periodic boundary conditions in a finite sized specimen in Von Hove singularity and Casimir effect September 21, 2014.
  44. Wikiversity/Wikipedia: Wrote Wikiversity's Casimir effect in one dimension and linked to it from the Wikipedia's Casimir effect (Also added reference to Wikipedia article) September 28, 2014
  45. Wikipedia: Minor edits to calculation of Ballistic pendulum September 29, 2014
  46. Wikipedia: Wrote section on Low cost LED-based photometers for Langley extrapolation October 14, 2014.
  47. Wikiversity: Deleted and reformated much of an old student contributin to Torque and angular acceleration for reasons stated in that article's talk page.
  48. Wikiversity/Wikipedia: Lots of time spent with two novice writers, encouraging them to get involved with Wikiversity. See this to Mattvers and this misplaced tutorial (my contribution is at the end of the "mislplaced tutorial"). I am teaching scientific writing to those who want to learn. They just don't pay tuition to the state of Ohio. October 27, 2014.
  49. Wikiversity: Minor rewrite of second paragraph of lede to Wave particle duality. October 28, 2014 My edit experienced a make-over, but the experience was not at all frustrating because an editor and I both agreed that the original paragraph was flawed. A look at the Talk page will verify the nature of the positive synergy between our efforts. If only Wikipedia editing were always like this. Compare the easy and fun edit of Wave-particle duality with the effort several editors had to expend on a well-intentioned novice on the Talk page to wave packet
  50. Wikipedia: Was invited by an author to give an "informal review" of an article on Clebsch-Gordan coeffiecients for SU2(3). November 13, 2014
  51. Wikipedia/Wikimedia: Was DIC (doctor-in-charge) when the brilliant 13hartc made this movie using happy/sad balls to demonstrate momentum transfer and placed on the Wikipedia article impulse (physics). November 14, 2014.
  52. Wikiversity: Place copies of MATLAB Quizmakers at MATLAB/Wikiquiz writer Someday I hope to see a flurry of effort at open-source test writing. I am not obligated to start a revolution, just obligated to try. November 15, 2014.
  53. Wikipedia: Added a couple of sentences and references to Subpage December 9, 2014
  54. Wikiversity: Wrote '''Python/Open_academia
2013 edits
  1. Why is the Sky Dark at Night Wrote with help 16 November 2013.
  2. Photoelectric Effect for BeginnersWrote with help 16 November 2013.
  3. Wikipedia: Electrostatics Edits on three sections (Coulomb's Law through Gauss' Law). 17 November 2013.
  4. Wikiversity: The Eikonal Approximation and Classical Particle Motion Wrote. 30 November 2013.
  5. Wikiversity: Poisson Brackets Wrote. 10 November 2013.
  6. Wikiversity: Old QuantumMechanics Wrote. 16 November 2013.
  7. Wikipedia: Free expansion Doubled the size of this stub. 9 December 2013.
  8. Wikipedia: Carnot's theorem (thermodynamics)Rewrote proof. 14 December 2013.
  9. Wikipedia: Enformation entropy added figure. 14 December 2013.
  10. Wikipedia: Gas thermometer added figure and three references. 15 December 2013.
  11. Wikiversity: Phase space (and Liouville's theorem). Wrote 25 December 2013.
  12. Wikipedia: Joule expansion Added two links and three references. 31 December 2013.

Images and Wikiquizzes[edit]

Images that have been placed on Wikipedia
Images/files on Wikiversity

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Things I have learned about Wikiversity[edit]

The most important thing I have learned about Wikiversity is that it is underdeveloped. We need help! The goal is to set learning free by making learning resources easy for everybody to use, edit, and modify.

Personal journal of things I have learned
  1. use File:EM_Spectrum_Properties_edit.svg
  2. Set Preferences/Editing to that an opportunity to add a summary is offered if you attempt to save the page without one.
  3. Wikiversity:Colloquium | request custodian action | Wikiversity:Import
  4. CC-BY-NC-SA is more restrictive than Wikiversity's CC-BY-SA license. See Wikiversity:Non-Commercial_Tag_Issues. Posting CC-BY-NC-SA content can be done on Wikiversity but is problematical (see fine print)
  5. Special:SpecialPages | Special:PrefixIndex | Help:Special_page | Special:DoubleRedirects | Special:PrefixIndex | Special:ListRedirects | Special:WhatLinksHere | MediaWiki:Deletereason-dropdown | Category:Candidates for speedy deletion | Category:Proposed deletions | Category:Requests for Deletion | Template:Protected_course
  6. When using Inkscape (I was) using Inkscape flowed text, which isn't part of the SVG specification and doesn't work outside of Inkscape. In the Text menu there's a way to convert flowed text to standard SVG text. To create SVG text in the first place, just click on the canvas when creating it, rather than clicking and dragging. darkweasel94 17:49, 25 January 2014 (UTC) Writing symbols with Inkscape: Tex \ell is Brush Script MT or Freestyle Script or French Script MT; best is Mistral. Tex \mathcal R is Amienne bold or Bradley Hand ITC; best is Kristen ITC. Vladimir Script does both poorly.
  7. Help:Wiki_markup | Help:Displaying a formula
  8. w:User:Mark_viking has a cool website for editors. Lots of comment templates.
  9. {{whc}} is a template for pages with little or no content.
  10. To moves content while preserving page history, request at Wikiversity:RCA.
  11. @Guy vandegrift: with {{ping|Guy vandegrift}}
  12. w:Wikipedia:User_page_design_center/Navigation_aids
click to view or hide fine print on posting CC-BY-NC-SA

You currently can post CC-BY-NC-SA if you provide a non-free rationale ("fair use"). Such posting is advisable if resource is significant: There is no hazard to Wikiversity/Wikimedia Foundation from the hosting of NC material; however, a commercial re-user of the content won't have permission. Part of the policy requires that non-free content (e.g., NC) be machine-readably tagged. The non-free use rationale process is set up to create the tagging.

Commons, for images, will not host NC content. So if any NC content is needed here, it should be uploaded here and proper licensing -- and fair use rationale -- asserted ASAP. Sysops and others will assist you in that. can use an archive-on-demand service if you are concerned that the content might disappear, such as, if it is not already archived on (taken from a post by user:Abd)

To do list[edit]

Move these sandbox items[edit]

Sandbox Subpages[edit]

  1. Phy 1050 .... OpenStax_College/How Things Work
  2. Phy 1110 .... OpenStax_College/College Physics
  3. Phy 2400 .... OpenStax_College/University Physics
  4. sandbox/04 Dennis H project
  5. sandbox/08 image gallery for spring 2015 astro final


Things I should have done and maybe will someday
  1. Use File:EM_Spectrum_Properties_edit.svg
  2. Deal with the Antikythera mechanism/Quizzes complex (includes Saros and Ecliptic)
  3. See if w:Optics has a wikiquiz
  4. Homemade log table     Wikiquiz testbank Java parser bugs
  5. RLC_circuit and Shear_Force_and_Bending_Moment_Diagrams
  6. Category:Intro_astronomy_college_course needs to be phased out and replaced by Category:Astronomy college course
  7. Fix w:Relative motion by adding a figure that resembles the copyrighted "the river needs a cork"
  8. Current project a catch all page for stuff that needs to be put somewhere (or deleted)
  9. Solution to wikiquiz Physics_equations/16-Oscillatory_Motion_and_Waves
  10. post Lab form somewhere
  11. work on Engineering_thermodynamics/Quizzes
  12. Incorporate and
  13. Statistical thermodynamics
  14. Python/Open academia


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