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I am an associate professor of physics[1] who believes that the Wikimedia Foundation can drastically reduce the cost of higher education by encouraging students to help develop instructional materials for most lower division courses.

The projects that occupy most of my time are:

  1. Wright State University Lake Campus is where I currently teach all my courses. I teach mostly physics, with a bit of engineering, mathematics, and astronomy. Most of my courses are at the freshman/sophomore college level.
  2. Quizbank is an attempt to create an open-source bank of exam questions. The internet already stores virtually all the text required for any degree in higher education. Wikitext is soon approaching that level of completeness. What's missing is a zero-cost method for individuals to verify that they have this knowledge.
  3. is a wikifarm node where where my students can write wikitext in private, and for a grade because students cannot "peek" into each other's efforts. The very best efforts can then be imported into Wikipedia/Wikiversity/Wikibooks.
  4. is another private Miraheze page that I use for sundry purposes (e.g. to prepare manuscripts for publications not licensed under Creative Commons.)

If you have any ideas, click Discuss and leave a message.

The rest of the page is a bit of a mess that I am too busy to clean up.

Openxtax college physics

To do[edit]

  1. clean or delete file:Talk_WikiJournal_WikiJournal_User_Group_-_Wikiversity.pdf
  2. Post: Двадцать пять лет он пережевывает чужие мысли о реализме, натурализме и всяком другом вздоре; двадцать пять лет читает и пишет о том, что умным давно уже известно, а для глупых неинтересно,— значит, двадцать пять лет переливает из пустого в порожнее.
  3. fix Talk:Advanced Classical Mechanics/The Eikonal Approximation and Classical Particle Motion

A really messy appendix[edit]

Tuesday, October 17 2017, 18:34 (UTC)