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Adame, Esmeralda (STC)[edit | edit source]

Beginning Machining - Hand Tools

Addo-Mensah, Alfred[edit | edit source]

Chemistry - Stoichiometry

Ahn, Dr. Seokyoung (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Statics - Force Equilibrium

Amro, Hanan (STC)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Applied Optimization

Andaverdi, Saul (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Algebra - Motion Problem

Austin, Jacquelyn (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

MEMS &NEMS - Atomic Force Microscope

Azarbayejani, Dr. Mohammad (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Design of Steel Structures - Compression Members

Babu, Christy (LCC)[edit | edit source]

Algebra - Functions

Balogh, Dr. Andras (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Applications of Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Bandyopadhyay, Debasish (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Organic Chemistry - Chromatography

Beall, Stewart (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

MEMS & NEMS - Atomic Force Microscope

Bede, Barnabas (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Taylor Series

Bhatti, Muhammad (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Physics (Calculus Based) - Faraday's Law of Electromagnetism

Brush, Dr. Tim (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Comparative Embryology - Birth Defects and Their Causes

Bullard, James (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Chemistry - Molecular Structure

Butler, Dr. Alley (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Engineering Economics - Using Methods of Project Assessment

Caruntu, Dr. Dumitru (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Integration

Engineering Analysis - Second Order Differential Equations with Applications in Engineering

Castaneda, Jeffrey (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Business Calculus - Limits

Castillo, Dr. Karina (STC)[edit | edit source]

Chemistry - Chemical Reactions

Chakraborty, Dr. Santanu (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Probability and Statistics - Statistical Inference on Mean

Chebotko, Artem (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Databases - Partitioning

Choutapalli, Dr. Isaac (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Measurements an Instrumentation - Probability & Statistics

Chipara, Mircea (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Quantum Mechanics - Particles for Waves

Chu, Dr. Yul (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Microprocessor Systems - Cache Memory Design

Microprocessor Systems - Microprocessor System Design

Microprocessor Systems - Number Representation

Cordoba, Joana A. (STC)[edit | edit source]

Biology - The Cell

Corpuz, Edgar (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Physics (Calculus Based) - DC Circuits

Crown, Dr. Stephen W. (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Critical Thinking Skills

Graphics - Introduction to CAD

Measurements and Instrumentation - Temperature Measurement

Thermodynamics - The First Law for Closed Systems

Thermodynamics - The First Law for Open Systems

Curts, Dr. Jaime (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Educational Testing and Measurement - Classical Item Analysis

Dean, Frank (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Chemistry - Gravity and Atmospheric Pressure

Dietrich, Gustavo (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Computer Science - Repitition

Dirrigl, Jr., Dr. Frank J. (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Environmental Impact Assessment - Map, Compass, and GPS Skills

Dong, Wenjie (UTPA/UTRGV)[edit | edit source]

Circuits - Laplace Transform

Edingbarough, Dr. Immanuel (UTRGV)[edit | edit source]

Fundamentals of Product Design - Design Concept Generation

Feng, Dr. Bao-Feng (UTPA/UTRGV)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Representing Functions as Power Series

Calculus - Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Calculus II - Trigonometric Integrals and Substitutions

Fredensborg, Brian (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Animal Parasitology - Parasite Distribution

Freeman, Dr. Robert A. (UTPA/UTRGV)[edit | edit source]

Dynamics - The Big Slip

Fu, Bin (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Computer Science - Algorith Design

Fuentes, Dr. Arturo A. (UTPA/UTRGV)[edit | edit source]

Statics - Truss Bridge

Galstyan, Anahit (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Probability and Statistics - Binomial Distribution

Galvan, Raul (STC)[edit | edit source]

Biology - Blood Circulation

Garza, Rommel (STC)[edit | edit source]

Algebra - Right Triangle Problems

Gassem, Gassem (STC)[edit | edit source]

Physics (General) - Projectile Motion

Grabowski, Laura (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Computer Science - Selection

Guerrero, Dagoberto Jr. (LCC)[edit | edit source]

Trigonometry - Angles of Elevation and Depression

Gutierrez, Jose J. (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Redox Reactions of Organic Compounds

Gutierrez, Judy (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Physics (General) - Torque

Gutierrez, Rosa E. (STC)[edit | edit source]

Algebra - Logarithmic Functions

Han, Aijie (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Chemistry - Magic Blue Bottle

Hilsenbeck, James (UTB)[edit | edit source]

Business Algebra - Financial Models

Huber, Tim (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Business Algebra - Linear Programming

Huq, Hasina (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Introduction to VLSI

Jimenez, Abraham (UTB)[edit | edit source]

Business Algebra - Financial Models

Jorgensen, Kameron (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Chemistry - Stoichiometry

Knobel, Roger (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Business Math - Compound Interest and Annuities

Contemporary Mathematics - Voting and Social Choice

Probability and Statistics - Statistics

Kuang, Weidong (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Digital Systems

Kypuros, Dr. Javier A. (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Numerical Methods and Statistics - Loop and Case Structures

Lee, Dr. Kevin H. (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

CAM - PLC Programming # 1

CAM - PLC Programming # 2

Lieman, Jonathan (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Cell Biology - Cancer Biology

Li, Dr. Huaien (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Limits

Liu, Fang (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Computer Networks - Socket Programming

Liu, Yang (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Computer Science - CPU Design

Lopez, Mario A. (STC - Starr County Campus)[edit | edit source]

Physics (General) - Work & Energy

Macossay, Javier (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Introduction to STEM - Batteries From Coins

Introduction to STEM - Cold and Hot Packs

Introduction to STEM - DNA Extraction

Introduction to STEM - Polymers

Introduction to STEM - Preparation of Soap

Introduction to STEM - UV Sensitive Beads

Makaya, Jocob (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Right Triangles: Applications

Maldonado, Sofia Carolina (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Engineering Economics - Depreciation Methods

Mandal, Hari D. (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Organic Chemistry - Molecular Shapes

Martinez, Selinda (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Life Sciences, Survey of - Genetics

Materon, Dr. Luis (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Microbiology - Genetic Engineering Using Bacteria

Mihut, Dr. Dorina (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Engineering Materials - Thin Films

Morales, Daniel A. (STC)[edit | edit source]

Computer Numerical Controls - Intro to Computer Numerical Controls

Nambiar, Dr. Rajiv (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Manufacturing Processes - T-Statistic

Nguyen, Mau Nam (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Business Calculus - Optimization Applications

Nguyen, Nam (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

The Mathematics of Apportionments

Odeh, Dr. Murad (STC)[edit | edit source]

Microbiology - Chemiosmosis in Eukaryotes

Onica, Dr. Constantin (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Park, Dr. Young-Gil (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Thermal Systems Design and Optimization - Economics

Patitz, Matt (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Assembly Programming - Exception Handling

Peng, Jun (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Microprocessor Systems - Number Representation

Perez, Gustavo (Region One Education Service Center)[edit | edit source]

Biomedical - Emergency Response Robot - Human Body Systems

Pierce, Virgil U. (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Modeling Periodic Behavior

Potter, Gregory (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Graphics - Introduction to Multi-view Drawings - Snap Cubes

Graphics - Introduction to Pictorial Drawings - Snap Cubes & Special Graph Paper

Graphics - A Lesson in Sub-Assemblies - CAD - Snap Cubes

Graphics - A Lesson in Sub-Assemblies & Working Drawings - CAD - Lincoln Log House

Qiao, Zhijun (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Graduate Seminar - Maxwell Model

Rai, Lily (STC)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Solving Right Triangles

Rai, Dr. Rajendra P. (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Mean Value Theorems

Reilly, Christine (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Computer Science - Arrays

Rivera (*) (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Algebra - Work Problems

Rodriguez, Favio (ECHS)[edit | edit source]

Algebra - Slope and Linear Functions

Rubio, Amede (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Botany - Nutrient Transport, Cycling and Storage

Santos, Cesar (LCC)[edit | edit source]

Algebra - Exponential Growth Regression

Sarkar, Dr. Kamal (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Engineering Materials - Material Properties

Schweller, Robert (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Data Structures and Algorithms - NP-Completeness

Setayesh, Shaghayegh (UTB)[edit | edit source]

Business Algebra - Financial Models

Smith, Dr. K. Christopher (UTPA)[edit | edit source]


Son, Jae Sok (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Communication Theory - Noise

Tarawneh, Dr. Constantine (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Estimation

Terry, Matthew (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Surface Area to Volume Ratio (for Application in general biology)

Teter, Diane (STC)[edit | edit source]

Nutrition - Enzymes

Timmer, Dr. Douglas (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering - Process Improvement

Tomai, Emmett (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Computer Science - Linked Lists

Tsay, JengJong (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Geometry - Properties of Area of Triangles

Differentiation and Derivatives

Vasquez, Dr. Horacio (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Mechatronics - Basic Electronics

Statics - Truss Bridge

Mechatronics - Thermocouples, Amplifiers and Comparators

Villalobos, Cristina (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Applied Linear Algebra

Villarreal, Dr. John (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Chemistry - Limiting Reagent:Theoretical Yield

Vitek, Christopher (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Aquatic Entomology - Understanding Populations

Watkins, Dr. Will (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Legacy Cycles


Derivative Algorithm

WFFs, Algebraic Expressions, and Derivatives

Why Derivatives Work

Kidnapper's Headquarters

Derivative Car Trip

Whelen, Dr. Tom (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Environmental Chemistry - From Corn to Ethanol

Whitfield, Charles A. (TAMIU)[edit | edit source]

Business Algebra - Future Value of an Annuity - Sinking Funds

Wilson, Dr. Aaron T. (UTRGV)[edit | edit source]

Mathematics Teaching and Learning - Mathematical Knowledge for Equitable Teaching

Yanev, George (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Probability and Statistics - Binomial Distribution

Yin, Wei (STC)[edit | edit source]

Calculus II - Trigonometric Integrals and Substitutions

Zeng, Dr. Liang (UTPA)[edit | edit source]

Physics (Calculus Based) - 1-D Motion

Physics (Calculus Based) - 2-D Non-Rotational Motion

Physics (Calculus Based) - Angular Momentum and its Conservation

Physics (Calculus Based) - Circular Motion

Physics (Calculus Based) - Fluids Mechanics

Physics (Calculus Based) - Linear Momentum and Collisions

Physics (Calculus Based) - Oscillatory Motion

Physics (Calculus Based) - Static Equilibrium and Elasticity

Physics (Calculus Based) - Universal Gravitational Force

Physics (Calculus Based) - Waves and Vibrations

Physics (Calculus Based) - Work Energy Theorem and the Conservation of Energy

Physics (Calculus Based) - Vectors and Free Body Diagrams

Zieschang, Paul-Hermann (UTB)[edit | edit source]

Calculus - Networks