UTPA STEM/CBI Courses/Computer Science/Operating Systems

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Course Title: Computer Science

Lecture Topic: Operating Systems

Instructor: Yang Liu

Institution: University of Texas - Pan American

Backwards Design[edit | edit source]

Course Objectives

  • Primary Objectives- By the next class period students will be able to:
    • Explain security issues at different level
    • Identify common attacks to computer systems.
  • Sub Objectives- The objectives will require that students be able to:
    • Describe threats/attacks at different level
    • Summarize methods to prevent threats/attacks
  • Difficulties- Students may have difficulty:
    • Identifying software attacks if they are not familiar with program
  • Real-World Contexts- There are many ways that students can use this material in the real-world, such as:
    • Detect virus in email attachment
    • Identify a Trojan horse in downloaded software
    • Recognize spyware

Model of Knowledge

  • Concept Map
    • Threats/attacks
    • Preventive methods
  • Content Priorities
    • Enduring Understanding
      • Security issues at different level and of different format
    • Important to Do and Know
      • Implementation details of software attacks
    • Worth Being Familiar with
      • Other challenges that exist affecting security

Assessment of Learning

  • Formative Assessment
    • In Class (groups)
      • Explain several threats/attacks
    • Homework (individual)
      • Identify possible threats/attacks for a given scenario
  • Summative Assessment
    • Connect threats/attacks to their examples

Legacy Cycle[edit | edit source]


By the next class period, students will be able to:

  • analyze security issues for a system

The objectives will require that students be able to:

  • identify different threats/attacks and preventive methods


What should we consider to protect the normal working state of amazon servers?


What needs to be protected? What is the best way to protect it? Are the protections sufficient?


System security


Preventive methods


Other topics for system issues such as policy.


Connect threats to their examples.


Present threats/attacks for this challenge

Pre-Lesson Quiz[edit | edit source]

  1. What is meant by system security?
  2. What can break system security?

Test Your Mettle Quiz[edit | edit source]

  1. Give an example of spyware.
  2. Explain the difference between threats and attacks.