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This is an image of a gigantic jet above a thunderstorm near the Philippines. Credit: H. T. Su, R. R. Hsu, A. B. Chen, Y. C. Wang, W. S. Hsiao, W. C. Lai, L. C. Lee, M. Sato & H. Fukunishi.

Plasma objects is a lecture and article about astronomical and other types of objects composed primarily of plasmas.

You are free to take this quiz based on plasma objects at any time.

To improve your score, read and study the lecture, the links contained within, listed under See also, and in the astronomy resources and charge ontology templates. This should give you adequate background to get 100 %.

As a "learning by doing" resource, this quiz helps you to assess your knowledge and understanding of the information, and it is a quiz you may take over and over as a learning resource to improve your knowledge, understanding, test-taking skills, and your score.

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1 True or False, The natural electric field of the Earth has a negative charge at the surface of the Earth and a positive charge at the ionosphere.


2 When ionization cones are present, what green characteristics are usually readily observed?

O III green emission line
green continua
biconical structure
a common cone axis and apex
ionized gas
neon clouds

3 True or False, The natural electric field of the Earth is caused in part by the solar wind.


4 Complete the text:

Blue jets differ from sprites in that they project from the of the cumulonimbus above a , typically in a narrow cone, to the lowest levels of the .

5 True or False, The natural electric field of the Earth starts at its surface and extends inward to the core.


6 Which of the following is associated with an atmosphere?

jet streams

7 True or False, The natural electric field of the Earth includes the electrosphere.


8 Which of the following are associated with electromagnetics?

angular momentum transfer
solar wind
the baryon neutrino
charge neutralization

9 True or False, The natural electric field of the Earth has a gradient of the about 200 volts/meter just above the Earth's surface.


10 True or False, For the photosphere to have a net negative charge and interstellar electrons to be streaming into the solar system, the sign of the voltage at the Sun is positive.


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