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One dimensional kinematics[edit]

Two-Dimensional Kinematics[edit]

Dynamics: Force and Newton's Laws[edit]

Friction, Drag, and Elasticity[edit]

Uniform Circular Motion and Gravitation[edit]

Work and Energy *Line integrals[edit]

Linear Momentum and Collisions[edit]

Statics and Torque[edit]

Rotational Motion and Angular Momentum[edit]

Fluid Statics [edit]

Fluid Dynamics[edit]

Temperature, Kinetic Theory, and Gas Laws[edit]

Heat and Heat Transfer[edit]


Oscillatory Motion and Waves[edit]

Physics of Hearing[edit]

Electric charge and field *Vector integration[edit]

Electric Potential and Electric Field *Gauss' law[edit]

Electric Current, Resistance, and Ohm's Law[edit]

Circuits, Bioelectricity, and DC Instruments[edit]


Electromagnetic Induction, AC Circuits, and Electrical Technologies[edit]

Electromagnetic Waves[edit]

Geometric Optics [edit]

Vision and Optical Instruments[edit]

Wave Optics[edit]

Special Relativity[edit]

Introduction to Quantum Physics [edit]

Atomic Physics[edit]

Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics[edit]

Medical Applications of Nuclear Physics[edit]

Particle Physics[edit]

Frontiers of Physics[edit]

Appendix A Atomic Masses[edit]

Appendix B Selected Radioactive Isotopes[edit]

Appendix C Useful Information[edit]

Appendix D Glossary of Key Symbols and Notation[edit]

Index to openstax Physics[edit]


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