Physics equations/19-Electric Potential and Electric Field

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Wikiquizzes[edit | edit source]

  • Q:KE&PE is a wikiquiz that uses energy conservation and the relationship between electric potential, V, and electric potential energy, U = qV
  • Q:capacitance is a wikiquiz that uses basic facts about capacitors and electric energy density.

 CALCULUS based wikiquizzes

Readings[edit | edit source]

CALCULUS based readings[edit | edit source]

As a supplement to Chapter 18 we showed how Coulomb's Law can be integrated using vector calculus. Here we extend this understanding of vector calculus.

  • Coordinate_systems introduces calculus in three dimensions
  • Vector calculus further explores calculus in three dimensions and extends the fundamental theorem of calculus into higher dimensions
  • b:Electrodynamics/Gauss's_Law shows how vector calculus allows us to quickly find the electric field geometries made simple by high degrees of symmetry.