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To do for Spring 2014:

Create two equation sheets (both semesters)[edit]

Make the equation sheets shorter[edit]

Scheduling of labs and establishing rules of order[edit]

Design of Matlab project[edit]


  1. Exams count for 90% of the course grade.
    1. How tests are weighted: There will be 5 tests plus a final exam. Although there is only one final, it will be calculated as three tests with equal scores. Of these 8 tests, the worst two will be dropped. This way the final exam carries the weight of 1, 2, or 3 tests. And you get to drop 0 1 or 2 tests (depending on how well you do on the final). There are no makup exams.
    2. Rules: All tests are closed book. You will be given an equation sheet that, but you may not write upon it. You may use a calculator, but programs and access to the internet are strictly forbidden.