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Spring 2019: Phy1060 | Phy1120 | Phy2400

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Job Fair[edit]


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Phy1060 (Astronomy) Quiz on 3/14: Describe a star track for birth or death. You will be given a birth or death HR diagram. Tell if the star is getting bigger/smaller, hotter/colder, more/less luminous. Symposium


PDF STUDY GUIDE .. Openstax College Physics .. Old studyguide ..Phy1120 ..Notes

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PHY2400 Old Studyguide .. Symposium ..slides ..Python project

Quiz on Monday 25 March covers the pdf chapters 18 and 28:

Phy2410 Summer School MWF 4-6. You may substitute the time slot 6-8 on any of these days.

For everybody:

Vandegrift teaching schedule[edit]

14 Jan 2019 - 04 May 2019 .. .. Spring 2019 Academic Calendar .. Lake Campus final exams (tentative)

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TENTATIVE FINAL EXAMS:         PHY1060           PHY1120           PHY2400

Previous and future courses[edit]

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Scale model of solar system      Second Journal of Science      Second Journal of Science/Editorial      Introduction to Computers

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Spring 2017: Phy1120 ... Phy1060 ... Phy2400 ... MTH2310 ...

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Fall 2017 Information ... Phy1050 ... Phy1110 ... Phy2410 ...

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Spring 2018: Phy1060 | Phy1120 | Phy2400 |

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Fall 2018: Phy1050 | Phy1110 | Phy2410 |


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