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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Wright State University Lake Campus/2020-9

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Spring 2020: Phy1060 - Phy1120 - Phy2400

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Fall 2020 academic calendar[edit | edit source]

Fall 2020 First day of Classes Mon. Aug 24
Last day to register or add without instructor permission Sun. Aug 30
Last day to purchase or cancel student health insurance Fri. Sep 4
Undergraduate and Graduate Deadline to Apply for Graduation Fri. Sep 4
No classes held in observance of Labor Day weekend Sat. Sep 5
Last day to register/add classes without $100 per credit hour late registration fee Mon. Sep 7
Labor Day Holiday; University Closed Mon. Sep 7
A-Term Grades Due Wed. Oct 14
Veterans Day; University Closed Wed. Nov 11
No classes held, University offices open Wed. Nov 25
Thanksgiving Holiday; University Closed Thu. Nov 26 to Fri. Nov 27
Last day of classes Sat. Dec 5
Full Term Final Examinations Mon. Dec 7 to Fri. Dec 11

Previous and future courses[edit | edit source]

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Scale model of solar system      Second Journal of Science      Second Journal of Science/Editorial      Introduction to Computers

Spring /2015-1;

Fall 2015-9;

Fall 2016-9
Spring 2016

Spring 2017: Phy1120 ... Phy1060 ... Phy2400 ... MTH2310 ...

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Information ... Phy1050 ... Phy1110 ... Phy2410 ...

Spring 2018

Spring 2018: Phy1060 | Phy1120 | Phy2400 |

Fall 2018

Fall 2018: Phy1050 | Phy1110 | Phy2410 |

Spring 2019

Spring 2019: Phy1060 | Phy1120 | Phy2400

Summer 2019


Fall 2019

Fall 2019 - Phy 1050 - Phy 1110 - Phy 2410

Spring 2020
Spring 2020
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