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Fall: 2017-9

Spring 2017: Phy1120    |    Phy1060    |    Phy2400     MTH2310    

Drawing by DivineLakeDrawings to publicize a boatbuilding and sailing club. We did manage to make two such boats and raced them once or twice. The club disbanded due to lack of interest.

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Scale model of solar system      Second Journal of Science      Second Journal of Science/Editorial      Introduction to Computers

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  1. Help distribute the two versions to alternate seats.
  2. You may submit up to two short answer essays for questions that are confusing. Maximum of half credit is awarded if you got the question wrong. No extra credit for right answers.
  3. Put your name on the scantron. Press darkly
  4. Put name and username on test and hand both in together (clipped)


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